Waiting For Hunger: W1D3: Fixing Yourself

I saw this comment on Facebook yesterday from Geneen Roth, it really hit home for me why I’m doing this challenge.

“The most radical part of my own story is not that I stopped dieting; it’s that I stopped trying to fix myself. I stopped fighting with myself, stopped blaming myself, my mother, my latest boyfriend for my weight. And since diets were my most flagrant attempt at fixing myself, I stopped them as well. What would your life be like if you stopped trying to fix yourself?”


I’m curious to know…

What would your life be like if you stopped trying to fix yourself?


Side note: I will be out of the comments until this evening.


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Article source: http://www.myallnaturalweightloss.com/waiting-for-hunger-w1d3-fixing-yourself/2529/

Foods to Avoid for Better Health

Today I want to write about the foods to avoid for better health. So yesterday, just as a recap I wrote about the five things you should eat. Meat, veggies, fruit, milk, water. I know that these are the staples of what we should eat but I know that as a core we do not tend to eat just those things.

But here is the thing, eat those foods as the basis of your daily diet. Everything else is extra and not as good.

So I want to make a short list of what to avoid or not eat as much of. These may seem obvious but the point is that what we put in our mouth is often not well though through.

Foods to Avoid for Better Health

Foods to Avoid for Better Health

Foods to Avoid for Better Health

1. Bread – I know that this is a very broad one but bread, although offering some carbs and nutrients is not a core food to me. I eat it but I also do try to avoid it (breadsticks anyone?). This is not the worst food but your body can turn this into fat fairly quickly as the calories are pretty dense.

2. Rice and Potatoes – Another complex carb these two are the basis of most people dinners. You have a piece of meat, a vegetable, and a half a plate of mashed potatoes or rice. Both of these do have some nutrients but because of the carbs per once of food the calories will add up quick and be stored as fat in your body

3. Fried Foods – Frying food in many parts of the world is a constant and normal type of cooking. Fried chicken, fried fish, french fries, deep fried snickers bars. There are a couple problems with these fried foods and these are the loss of nutrients in the frying process and the gobs of calories in fat added needlessly to the food.

4. Pop or Soda – Apparently what I call pop in Canada is called soda in America. Anyway these are of course empty calories and I am as guilty as many for this. I have a can a coke a day which is the equivalent number of calories as a regular meal. There is no redeeming value in sodas, no nutrients, contain caffeine, and they work as a diuretic robbing your body of water.

5. Sweet or fried Snacks – This should be obvious to everyone so it was an easy one for this list. Sugar turns to fat easily, no nutrients, blood sugar peaks and valleys. These snacky foods that can fill a pantry easily are not at all good, mostly very bad and should be avoided.

So lets have a caveat here. I take shots at the food above and we all know why we should avoid it but they are around and we still want to eat them right? I am a real person and I do eat all of the above but the fact is that we need to realize the importance of good eating and the result of bad eating. I would not expect anyone to completely take all of the above out of their eating plans but at the same time you have to be careful.

This leads me into what I want to write about tomorrow which is sacrificing food habits and how to avoid it.

Hope this list of foods to avoid for better health just helps you think about things as they are today.

Article source: http://www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/foods-to-avoid-for-better-health.html

Waiting for Hunger W1D2: Filling Without Food

Yesterday was a great success. I have to thank all of you for taking the time to leave feedback, not just with me, but with everyone else in the comment area. That was so nice and encouraging to watch.

There were times yesterday when I would eat small meals in anticipation for hunger. Which would push hunger back even more. I’m fine with this. I don’t want to get caught up in the mind swirls of “what is hunger” , “am I truly hungry?”, “is starving hungry?” because it could go on for hours and days. And at the heart of it, I know what overeating looks like, and that is what I’m aiming to avoid.

For example, I made a delicious dinner of chickpea coconut curry with rice. I wasn’t hungry when I made it so I took a bite, because it just looked good. A couple of hours later, I still wasn’t overly hungry, but I pulled out a tiny bowl that holds about a cup of food and I enjoyed a little bit. And that was that. As I look over yesterday I see one trend: several small meals scattered throughout the day. I was never stuffed and never starving.

I counted my calories out of curiosity and vowed to myself that I would not feel guilt over whatever the number came out to be. After exercise, I net about 1,300 calories. That is extremely good for me. I also baked, twice, and did not overeat. I feel like I’m playing with fire, but vowed that I would be honest with whatever happened. I made two loaves of pumpkin chocolate bread, ate one thin slice and put the rest way for later. I also made a batch of French Madeleines. Ate one, put the rest away for tea time today. I. Put. Them. Away. And they aren’t haunting me. I really believe removing guilt, removes the power of food. As does eating for the wrong reasons.

Today, I want to work on a list of things to do to keep my hands busy when I’m taking a break from work, but don’t want to watch TV. Art journaling is at the top of the list. I’ve been longing to paint and create collages lately. I think this will be a good thing for me artistically. It will also keep me from eating from emotions.

And finally, I think I will keep this post open throughout the day for updates and picture posts. Please feel free to use the comments area of this post if you need support, want to chat, or just want to say hello throughout the day.

I woke up super early today to get a lot of work done. Right now, I’m more thirsty than hungry. Drinking lots of water. Maybe an iced coffee soon and then breakfast. Avoiding the scale until this weekend, I’m in the water retention portion of the month and I’d just rather wait it out.

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Article source: http://www.myallnaturalweightloss.com/waiting-for-hunger-w1d2-filling-without-food/2526/