Waiting For Hunger Week1D1: Smaller Plates

Welcome to day one, week one of the Waiting for Hunger Challenge! I’ve compiled a list of participants in hopes that we can encourage each other in the coming days and weeks as we form new habits. It’s not too late to join us; feel free to leave a comment in this post if you’d like to be added to the list.

Waiting for Hunger Participants


Happy Girl 










I’ll be using the comments section as a chat area too for communication throughout the day. Today’s theme is using smaller plates and bowls. I’ve heard this tip numerous times, and it wasn’t until this morning that I decided to actually see how it would work.

I woke up around 7am pretty hungry. Because I’m in a cold cereal phase right now I grabbed one of my smallest bowls off the shelf. I know that cereal doesn’t do much for my hunger and I’ve had issues in the past with overeating it, but I’m ready to try again. It’s what I wanted. Small bowl of Mother’s Choice Honey O’s with whole organic milk.

About three hours later I could feel hunger pangs again. I got a few chores and work done and decided that I would make one of my favorite big breakfasts for me and Josh. Doing this would require a few habit changes 1) getting over the guilt of feeling hungry again 2) using a smaller plate 3) eating slowly and enjoying my food 4) being okay with leftovers and 5) instead of dividing the food in half I presented everything buffet style and filled my little appetizer plate without layering. By doing this, I was eating a fourth of what I normally would. In the future I hope to get used to preparing smaller amounts of food and being comfortable with having less on hand. For now, I’m okay with putting it in the refrigerator for later.

Another tip was cutting things like bread into smaller pieces. Normally I would have two large slices of bread, four slices of bacon, two eggs and a cup of fried potatoes. No wonder I have food issues.  Today, using the small plate method, I at 1/2 slice of bread, 2 slices of bacon, 1 egg, and about 1/4-1/2 c. potatoes. That’s a significant difference and I’m full, but not uncomfortably so.

I’m realizing and truly trying to understand that I don’t need so much food. I ordered a salad last night and couldn’t believe how enormous it was. It was enough for 2-3 meals.





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Wait for Hunger Challenge: Week One

I debated what I would call this challenge.  I went back and forth on using the word “hunger” because it’s loaded. Because people in the world are actually hungry and do not have the luxury of eating when they’re not. There are also people in the world who deny themselves food when they are hungry. I first called it the “feeling it challenge” and then the “wait for it challenge”. And then a million other combinations of words that just didn’t feel right. So in advance, this challenge means exactly what it says: waiting for hunger to eat.

In the past week I’ve been challenging myself to 1) wait for hunger to eat 2) stop at the first signs of full 3) feel the feelings of wanting to eat outside of hunger 4) sit down and eat without watching tv or being in front of the computer 5) find something else to fill the need 6) eliminate guilt from eating. I’m realizing that when I wait for hunger, it takes less food to make me full. When I eat from habit or emotion, I will never, ever be full. This is profound for me. It is profound because I know how much food I need in a day. When I eliminate guilt, the power is gone.

In the past two times I’ve gone out to eat, I’ve slowed down. To drink water, to have conversation, to look around. I’m not stuffing food in my face. I’m making different decisions. When I’m at home, a different challenge arises, having food around all the time. So I make myself think harder. To write down what I’m feeling and to do something else. Anything that will make me happier than overeating. This challenge is not about guilt, deprivation or starvation. It’s about eating, stress free, and then stopping. It’s about moving on.

Yesterday I was more productive and happy  than I’ve been in a long time. I created a task jar where I write down all of the tasks I want to get done on post-it notes. I fold them up and drop them in the jar. I shake it a little and pick one at random. I do that task and nothing else. I was focused. And it worked for me. I completed 14 tasks. I was only tempted to overeat once (yogurt with dark chocolate peanut butter). I got stuff done that I’ve been sitting on for weeks. Stuff I was waiting for the “perfect situation” to complete.

I bring this up because I found something that worked for me. I’ve been making to-do lists and detailed plans using other peoples methods for as long as I can remember. I just don’t work that way. I get overwhelmed, I find excuses and then I just drop it all. I become paralyzed by methods that do not work for me. And the same goes for eating. All I need to change my life if is to wait for hunger. I know how to eat. I know how much my body needs to lose weight. I trust that in myself. When I count calories or eliminate food, it’s because I don’t trust myself. And I end up eating without hunger. Programs, for me, cover the problem. They put power in food, rather than me. I know it works for people. But, as I sit here, still in need of losing 150 + pounds, I need a new way. My way.

So if you feel like you might benefit from this challenge, I encourage you to leave a comment. For the next week I’m making a promise to myself that I will not eat when I’m not genuinely hungry. If I want to eat, I will write instead. I will sew a skirt. I will blog about something fun. I will decorate my house. I will hug my husband. I will do something, anything, that fills me up without food. This isn’t about counting calories, or feeling guilty over any food decision I make. This isn’t about nutrition, or avoiding food groups. It’s simple: only eat when you’re hungry without distractionsand stop eating when you’re full. If you’re in, I will support you in anyway I can. I will correspond in the comments. I will visit your blog. We can do this!

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Can Anyone Do Zumba?

Can Anyone Do Zumba? Zumba exercises are being touted as the newest fun way to lose weight, Zumba instructors call it “exercise in disguise”, but this doesn’t mean that Zumba is easy. On the contrary, Zumba will leave you panting and sweating as you get going. So is it suitable for everyone?

Can Anyone Do Zumba?

Can Anyone Do Zumba?

Can Anyone Do Zumba?

Zumba classes are fantastic for bringing people of all shapes, sizes and ages together. The key premise is to have fun, and the workouts are suitable for just about everyone. Kids are even invited to certain Zumba classes! Even if you’re very overweight, you can take it at your own pace until your stamina improves.

If you’re pregnant, Zumba exercises are still a possibility. However, it all depends on your level of activity before you became pregnant. If you’re not used to aerobic exercise then it’s not usually a good idea to start during pregnancy. Always ask your doctor before proceeding.

What About Older Participants?
Zumba Gold classes have been designed specifically with the older generation in mind. It’s the same premise, just slightly altered to suit the fitness levels of the baby boomers. For those who have specific physical issues, it’s a good idea to ask your instructor before you begin. Many are happy to advise you on how to take part in a regular Zumba class at your own pace. Some classes are even designed to be followed from the comfort of a chair, if you need to.

If You Know You’re Out Of Shape…
If you’re out of shape, that is you don’t regularly exercise and find you get tired out quickly, then you should always approach any new form of exercise with caution. Listen to your body, and know your own limits. Yes, you will probably be tired out after a Zumba session, but you’ll notice the improvements week on week. Remember, if you’re in any doubt you should always visit a doctor for advice.

What About Zumba At Home?
There are a variety of Zumba games and DVDs that’ll teach you how to do the Zumba exercises from home. These are generally safe, and are often designed at a more basic level than some Zumba classes. The main risk with an at-home option is that you may not have the motivation to really push yourself to burn those calories! If you do decide to do Zumba at home, the same rules as above still apply: listen to your body, and visit a doctor if you experience any problems.

So they answer to Can Anyone Do Zumba? is in fact yes although you want to be careful of the class that you do take.

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