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Five Step Plan to Perfect Health

Almost everybody in the world wishes for greater health, vitality, and stamina. The problem is that very few people are willing to take the simple steps necessary to make this goal a reality.

I want to let you know about five powerful methods for achieving the ultimate in health and vitality some of which are of course well known and some that are more of an alternative nutrition method. If you wish to feel more vigorous and energetic you will definitely want to try these health tactics out for yourself. Let’s get right into the specifics of how to do it.

Detoxify your body

Over time we all accumulate toxins in our bodies. They can come from polluted air, water, and the food we eat. Toxins and pollutants of all kinds have a very detrimental effect on health. They provide the necessary environment for disease to thrive. Detoxifying your body is the single most important thing you can do.

You can accomplish this full body detoxification using juice fasting, clay baths, herbal cleanse products, and enemas. You should really do a mixture of all of the above if you want the best results. Don’t skip this step, as it is critical in the health restoring process.

Increase Your Water Intake

drink-more-water-dammitThis is especially important while detoxifying your body. The extra water helps to carry all of the harmful toxins out of your system in the most efficient way possible. Your body is made up of over 70% water.

Imagine the health benefits you can receive by constantly flushing fresh water throughout the body. This will greatly aid in loss, improve joint pain, and clear up skin, along with many other health benefits. To find out more about the vital importance of water, read the book, Your Bodies Many Cries for Water.

Supplement With Omega Oils

Omega 3 and 6 oils are absolutely essential for great health. They help the whole body run properly and perform its best. Most Americans have excessive levels of omega 6 oils and not near enough omega 3s.

You cannot reach optimum health and wellness with low levels of omega 3s. Luckily it is extremely easy to supplement with omega 3 fats.

I like to grind up 2 tablespoons of flax seeds per day and add it to cereal. They taste great and are a very rich source of omega 3, fiber and lignans. If you don’t want to grind seeds you can supplement with flax oil or fish oil. These will work properly if they are of high quality and have not oxidized. These oils are highly susceptible to oxidation so great care must be taken during processing and storage. With oils, it only takes ten seconds to get your day’s dose.

Begin to exercise

Exercise will greatly enhance the power of the steps we have covered so far. You will become stronger, more fit and age at a much slower rate with proper exercise. You can easily find an extra 15 minutes during your busy day to allot to some time to this step.

The more you are able to exercise, the better the results you will get. Exercise will also prevent chronic diseases from forming. Do what you can to work at increasing the amount of time you spend exercising each month. This will pay rich rewards.

Get proper nutrition

Most people are depleted of vital nutrients. This is mainly because of an unhealthy diet consisting of nutrient poor foods. Multi vitamin tablets are of little help because the body cannot properly absorb them. Many of these pills pass right through digestion without breaking down at all.

This means you absorb very little of the vitamins and minerals your body needs and that you are paying for. You can avoid this entirely by taking a natural liquid nutrient supplement such as wheatgrass juice or goji berry juice. These will give you all of the nutrients and antioxidants you need to reach great health.

By following the five steps above you will begin to feel more and more healthy and vibrant. This is a great pay off for the minimal effort the above steps require. Try to incorporate what you have learned here into your life. Once you become accustomed to this way of living you will wonder how you were ever able to live any other way.

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I have to admit that I love my Fitbit. When I first got it I wondered if it was really possible to get 10,000 fitbit steps in a single day. There is some research that proves that 10,000 steps in a day has real health benefits.

In fact I have written about my Fibit a couple of times here on the site, and the fact that it has been on my arm for well over a year is a testament to how it has affected my life.

So since the beginning of using my Fitbit I have tried to setup my day to get my steps in

How I Guarantee Myself 10,000 Fitbit Steps a Day

Here are a few tips that helped me get to my step goal, in fact my average is nearly 12,000 steps a day and I have to assure you that it is tough work for me, and it does not come easy.

  • I am not a runner
  • I have a desk job
  • I am a computer nerd that loves to be on Windows desktop or MacBook Pro

So with a few things against me here are a few tips that I can offer on how to get 10,000 steps in no matter who you are.

Make sure to start the day with steps – I get up in the morning and I have to take the dog out, feed the dog and cat, get my lunch together and start the car. Really what I do is get a bit of momentum in the morning so that I have a bunch of steps in even before I have had breakfast

Get short walks in throughout the day – I make sure that I have to move around at work. Being a deskbound IT guy I have the choice often to call or email someone, or just go over and talk to them.

It is much healthier to get up instead of sitting all day. In fact studys show that we should get up and move at least once an hour.

Have a long walk in the afternoon – I love to take my dog for a walk right after work. In fact we have a special route that we take that is about 25 minutes walk and about 2500 steps.

This helps me unwind in the afternoon and get ready for the evening. Also my little dog loves to get out and have me talk to her along the way (people must look at me a little weird).

Have a walk in the Evening – Often, depending on the weather I will take the dog out later in the evening before going to bed. This is the time I take to kind of reflect on the day for 10 minutes or so. Our dog Belle loves these walks too as it is dark and the smells outside are a bit different.

Joining a gym – Somehow I have 3 gyms that I can workout in right now but really I usually use the gym to do weights. If I feel like I am not getting enough cardio in though I will go and walk on the treadmill with a little jogging mixed in.

Keeping Walking On Track Through The Day

Now That I have the times for my walks, here are some stepping strategies to keep me on track at all times. To get 10,000 fitbit steps a day you need to be sure to make the most of your time and motivation.

How I Guarantee Myself 10,000 FitBit Steps A DaySetup 16 hours a day for 250 steps per hour – Last year Fitbit put on a new section to the iPhone and Android apps that allows you to set a time range and it will track the hours in which you get at least 250 steps.

I think they try and pick 10 hours or so but it is customizable, so I changed mine to 16 hours that I am up.

I review this every few days just to see if there are times in the day that I am just not getting enough steps. I find that this is a great target since we should be getting up every hour anyway.

Track everyday to find holes in your daily schedule – Along with the part above I also look at my day to seen when the downtimes should be uptimes.

I always have at least a couple hours where I did not get 250 steps. These are badly designed hours in my book that I improve going forward

Think about activity all the time – Parking farther away from the building or store, taking stairs instead of elevators, making sure I have to walk around the house to get things. These all look like efficiencies in our schedule but planning some inefficient time helps us to get some more steps in and clear the mind.

Make excuses for short walks – We have a grocery store a few blocks away, maybe a 10 minute walk and if we just need a couple things I will resist driving to the big grocery store and instead just walk down to the store and back instead.

I especially like doing this in the Winter as it is cold here in Calgary and finding excuses to get out in -20 weather are really hard to come by

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Food and eating have always been an issue for me. I have at times been a few pounds over weight but always my exercise and metabolism have taken care of me.

Food is a very emotional issue in our society, we eat because we are depressed, we eat when we are happy, parties are all about food and drink.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my feelings and attitudes about food and thought that I would share them now even as my weight slowly creeps lower over the last few weeks.

My Own Eating Issues

Eating out of fearI have always had a big appetite and a fear of a lack of food. I have never gone hungry, well maybe for a couple of weeks traveling in Australia when I lived on Mars bars and Coca Cola, but I have also eaten poorly very often.

When I first moved to Calgary my wife and I were quite poor and she promised me that we would always have food, and we have. So I have to wonder why whenever I am packing for work I need about 3000 calories of food.

I used to ride a bike to work everyday but that amount of food I used to put away is crazy.

One of my core beliefs is that our body will adjust to the amount of food that we eat. If I eat a lot of food my metabolism will go up and if I eat very little food then my metabolism will go down. Of course if we overeat and make bad eating decisions often then the fuel that we eat will just turn to fat.

If I brought half as much food I am convinced that my metabolism would go down and my weight probably would not plummet.

So why with a proper thinking mind do I continue to eat so much?

I believe that there is still an emotion in me that fears hunger. I think that if I do not have a big bag of food beside me and constantly taking in calories that somehow I will suffer badly in some way.

I bet I am not the only one with these emotions of fear of loss without food.

Most people with an eating problem have that problem for one of three reasons, medical (probably only a few), eating to much, or getting not enough exercise.

If you are like me and worried that maybe you are eating to much food then maybe the best thing to do is understand that these emotions of starvation may be at the back of your mind but at the same time make conscious decisions about what you are eating and when, and as that candy bar or coke is going into your mouth try to remember that this food is not going to make you healthier or less fearful, it has no nutrients but instead it is just a waste of calories that you are eating.

Reframing the way that you look at food is critical to making better eating decisions at all times so that you don’t have to worry about your eating all the time but instead make sure you are eating only for the right reasons.

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