Using Copper to Cut Down on Hospital Infections? | Antimicrobial Copper Study

Early results from a comprehensive multi-site clinical trial demonstrated that the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in intensive care unit rooms resulted in a 97 percent reduction of bacteria that cause hospital acquired infections.  This particular study also found a 40 percent reduction in the risk of acquiring an infection. Study results are to be submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for review and approval.

Antimicrobial Copper Study

Using Copper to Cut Down on Hospital Infections?

Antimicrobial Copper Study

Initial study results were presented at the World Health Organization’s 1st International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control (ICPIC) in Geneva, Switzerland on July 1, 2011.

The study, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, was designed to determine the efficacy of antimicrobial copper in reducing the level of pathogens in hospital rooms, and whether such a reduction would translate into a lower risk of infection.

Researchers at the three hospitals involved in the trial, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, both in Charleston, replaced commonly touched items, such as bed rails, overbed tray tables, nurse call buttons and IV poles, with antimicrobial copper versions.

Results of  Antimicrobial Copper Study

The reduction rate demonstrated on antimicrobial copper surfaces is the same as that achieved by “terminal” cleaning, the regimen conducted after each patient vacates a room.

Dr. Michael Schmidt, Professor and Vice Chairman of Microbiology and Immunology at MUSC, who presented the results at ICPIC, said, “Bacteria present on ICU room surfaces are probably responsible for up to 80 percent of patient infections, demonstrating how critical it is to keep hospitals clean. The copper objects used in the clinical trial lowered microbial levels and supplemented cleaning protocols.”

Hospital patients have a 1:20 chance of developing an infection, and those who do have a 1:20 chance of dying as a result. The CDC estimates that in the U.S., hospital acquired infections kill 100,000 people and cost $45 billion annually.

Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated that when cleaned regularly, antimicrobial copper products kill greater than 99.9% of the following bacteria within two hours of exposure:  MRSA, VRE, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and E. coli O157:H7.  For a complete listing of approved EPA public health claims for antimicrobial copper, please visit Clinical trial results are preliminary and under review; claims related to clinical trials have not been approved or reviewed by the U.S. EPA. Because many factors contribute to the risk of infection, individual results may vary.

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Anti Aging Skin Creme

If you are considering using an anti aging skin creme, you may wonder whether these products are as effective as they claim and whether they’re safe for your skin and your overall health. And if you’ve used these products, you’ve no doubt wondered if the creme you use is the best choice, and again, about the safety factor.

Anti Aging Skin Creme Facts

But unless you’ve done a lot of research yourself, you may not understand some very basic facts about the skin care industry and how the companies involved make decisions about what goes into their skin care products. While you may have some idea, knowing the truth will help you make a more informed decision.

As you may have guessed, the skin care industry generates billions of dollars annually, and the companies involved, at least the major publicly held corporations, are most interested in maximizing their profits and less interested in producing the best product. That sounds like a mercenary way to do business, but that is the way things work at that level of corporate business. They’re in the business of business more than the business of skin care.

Cheap Ingredients With Anti Aging Skin Creme Cost Going to Marketing

This means that they want to produce their anti aging skin creme as cheaply as possible, advertise it heavily, and sell it for as much as possible. And “as cheaply as possible” means using ingredients that do not necessarily benefit your skin, and could even harm your skin and your health. These ingredients may sound familiar if you’ve read the labels; they include petrochemicals like petrolatum and mineral oil.

The problem with the cost-effective ingredients these companies use in their anti aging skin creme, aside from the fact that they offer no benefit, is that they can cause cancer, on the most severe end of things, and skin irritation, on a lesser scale. In between, they can cause other health problems, including such problems as migraines and other illnesses caused by artificial dyes such as Yellow 5 and Red 40.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Many people choose an anti aging skin creme from a major cosmetic company because they think the big companies must know what they’re doing. Now that you know the truth, you can make a more informed choice.

Buy Anti Aging Skin Creme With Only Natural Ingredients

That choice would be to choose a product with only natural ingredients. These cremes are often made by smaller companies, and may cost more than the mass-produced products (though not always), but are more effective, which means you will spend less in the long run, and safer to use, which makes them well worth any additional cost.

Knowing the facts about anti aging skin creme makes it easy to decide which anti aging skin creme will give your skin the best treatment.

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Birthday Food

I have a secret to share. Are you ready? If it’s your birthday, and you approve of my cooking, there’s a good chance I’ll make you something delcious to eat. Because I love you. Just ask my husband.

For his birthday I put together this easy Vietnamese dish that happens to be one of our restuarant favorites. It’s a good thing I know how to make it because the nearest Vietnamese restaurant is three hours a way.

This dish hits all the important notes, sweet, savory, slightly salty, tangy and a little sour.

Grilled Pork Vermicelli with Nuoc Cham Sauce

This recipe is extremely easy to put together. And I love that because it looks pretty darn impressive. Here’s what you do. Purchase a small roast of pork picnic/shoulder/roast. I’ve bought this cut of meat many times and it’s gross and big. I’ve warned you. I use a sharp knife and slice off the layer of fat from the roast and then I cut thin 1/4 inch slices of meat for marinating.

For the marinate I’ve made this Nuoc Cham Sauce several times without fail. Chopped greens onions are helpful too. Let your pork marinade in half the recipe of Nuoc Cham Sauce for 1-4 hours.

I boil water for vermicelli or angel hair pasta. Once the pasta is cooked rinse it under cold water and portion into bowls.

Grill pork inside on a griddle or outside. This is important, the grill makes it magical.

Chop up a few carrots, peanuts or cashews, ice burg lettuce (this is one dish where ice burg makes all the difference), cilantro or mint, and cucumbers. A wedge of lime and bean sprouts are good too.

Arrange all the ingredients in the bowl and top with more Nuoc Cham Sauce. Sprinkle with peanuts. So, so good!

Please let me know if you make this dish, only so we can talk about how awesome it is.

I wanted to share a couple more things with you.

First, here is a photo Josh took of the cats and rabbit on the bed. I wasn’t in the house when this went down.

Yup two cats and a rabbit on our bed. Nothing strange about that. Apparently the rabbit scared the cats away.

In other news, I’ve been taking one-two days a week off of my “eating better for me” plan to enjoy carbs. It hasn’t hindered my weight loss too much as I’m down 15 lbs. so far. It’s helpful to be flexible, and I’m honestly okay with it as long as I continue to count calories.

And for even more news, I’ve been cleaning out my office because I’ve hired a real live project manager to work with me three days a week in my home office. This is a big deal, as I’ve dreamed of working on projects with another person since I started my business(es) a year ago. It’s scary and exciting to have someone to give work to. I just love that I’m in a place right now to afford health insurance and hire a part time employee. Trying to stay positive, and not negative which is a default of mine when things start going well. I worry about the most insane things when things start going well. Am I alone here?

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