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Small blog hiatus is over! Sometimes I just need a break from talking about what I’m eating and doing and just do. Fellow bloggers, am I alone here?

I’ve been making a real effort to spend more time outside. It’s crazy, but I can go days and days and never step outside. It just makes me feel unbalanced, so I bought this little bistro table for $20 at one of those discount/family dollar stores because I was desperate and live 35 minutes from anywhere else. And I love it! It’s real glass and metal and a perfect table for two.

We’ve started walking/wogging in the neighborhood in the evenings again. My loop is a quarter mile and I find that I can do about seven or eight loops in an hour by wallking/jogging. It feels good to be outside again, and humbling to feel like I’m starting over again with physical activity.

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I’ve been eating things like homemade hummus in cucumber cups and topped with paprika. So refreshing and surprisingly filling.

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Rediscovering my love for egg and cheese sandwiches. One of these keeps me full for hours and they also prevent me from splurging on my fast food biscuit cravings.

jerkchicken PlanetBox Lovin

My new favorite chicken recipe is so easy! Roll chicken breasts or thighs in jerk seasoning, sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with honey and olive oil. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes (or until done).

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I finally broke down and purchased a PlanetBox and it’s a-mazing! I love that everything is portioned out and it feels kind of creative putting these meals together. I also like that I can snack out of it throughout the day to stay full. I calculated the calories in the box and it came to about 400. This box includes a strawberries, homemade granola cookie, spinach salad with peppers and almonds, a small bunch of homemade dark chocolate biscotti, whole wheat pasta salad with feta and tomatoes, and a chicken sausage.

chickenandspinach PlanetBox Lovin

Chicken and spinach pizza – yum!

simon PlanetBox Lovin

I took this little turtle out on the deck. Yes, this happened. Yes, he has a pink leash. I can’t make this stuff up.

m2 PlanetBox Lovin

And working on keeping this birthday orchid alive! Which is very little work at all (three ice cubes a week!). I’ve always wanted an orchid, they are such pretty, intricate little flowers.


I’m down 15 pounds! Not gonna lie, my weight spiked up during birthday week (and seemingly march in general) or I’d be down more, but I’m down again and heading straight toward the -20 pound point! My paints are loose!

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