Vegetable Kung Pao

I make vegetable kung pao with peanuts at least once a week. Josh loves it, I love it, and it’s quick and easy to make. I’m pretty sure I could make it with my eyes closed. I sauté two or three cups of celery and one chopped onion in 1-2 T sesame or olive oil. Cook until tender. I add fresh or powdered garlic, white pepper, a few pepper flakes, and one or two shakes of chinese five spice. Then I add about 2 T soy sauce, 2 T rice vinegar, 2 t sugar or honey, a shake of cornstarch and then 1/2 – 1 C. chicken of vegetable stock. Add more soy sauce or garlic to taste and about a cup of salted peanuts. Top off with chili sauce and serve with basmati rice.

Before dinner I did 40 minutes of Insanity and I swear during the whole thing I had Bob in my head yelling at me to work harder. I think it’s because of Gail. And you know what? I worked harder! Thanks Bob (and Gail.)

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Vegetable Juicing For Weight Loss

When you gain so much weight and you want to lose some, you might think that it is not an easy thing to do. There are so many ways to lose weight but do you really know the most effective way?

Juicing for weight loss has been around for years and has been widely discussed in magazines, the internet, and other forms of media. Vegetables are known to be a very healthy and detoxifying food. Many people use vegetable juices to detoxify and help then in their weight loss journey.

Several research studies show that you can actually lose weight efficiently by drinking vegetable juices. Some people can lose as much as 3 to 4 pounds a day. As the fast continues, the average loss is one pound per day.

Vegetables are proven to be very effective in weight loss. Vegetable juicing for weight loss also offers a wealth of health benefits for the body. It is a good replacement for water detox regimens. Water fasting may soon be phased out and vegetable juicing will be the primary way to lose weight or an alternative when you do not have time to work out in a gym.

Exercise is still recommended if you want to achieve the best and fastest weight loss results. Vegetable juicing and exercise can melt down unnecessary pounds and make your body look great.

Vegetables To Juice For A Start

Turbulence Training

Vegetable juicing may not be easy especially when you are not used to eating vegetables. The following vegetables will help give you an easy start:





These vegetables are a good start and as you get used to vegetable juicing you may want to add more nutritious ones.

Best Vegetables To Juice

You will get the most benefit from intensely colored vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetables are best for juicing. You can start with the following green leafy vegetables:




Cabbage juice is considered one of the most healing nutrients for ulcer repair because it is a good source of Vitamin U. Vitamin U stimulates the production of mucin, the protective layer that coats the digestive system.

Do not use the same vegetables every day. For a better juicing experience and wider variety of nutrients, rotate your vegetables. Use carrots to add sweetness to your vegetable juices. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and the sweet taste makes the process more enjoyable.

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The Clouds Have Parted

Oh my goodness gracious to pieces Betsy. Today is a cause for celebration, I feel like a human again! No coughing, nose is only moderately stuffy, ears have popped, and my energy is back. After seven weeks of feeling like crap, I can now say with confidence that I’m back.

I would like to thank the following for my feel goodness:

Neti Pot. Gross,kinda, yes. Awesome and pain-free? yes indeed.

Natalia Rose and her morning elixers of organic fruit and vegetables. I’m on day three of eating more fruits and vegetables, no sugar, no white flours, no beef/chicken. And I feel really good.

Our new Juiceman juicer that helps turn celery, carrots, kale, lemons, strawberries and apples into one delicious juice.

The Mill Mountain Zoo which provided a much needed walk outdoors.

I look forward to returning to my regular daily blog posts! No more “I’m sick, I suck” posts. At least until next year

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