The Rocks Diet

You know Dwayne Johnson? The Rock? He used to be a pro wrestler, now has a TV show called The Hero, and is making a movie called Hercules – The Thracian Wars.

Last week he posted his bulking up diet on Twitter and it is crazy! 7 meals a day a ton of meat and carbs. Check this out!

the rocks diet

That is a lot of food. and the Nemean Lion Blood? I was wondering about that and searched and it is just an in joke about the Nemean Lions that were supposed to have blood that would be poisonous.

Anyway if you have been watch The Hero TV show you have probably noticed that Dwayne Johnson is even bigger now than ever. He is certainly lean and very very muscular so that diet and exercise seem to be working really well together

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Abdominal Exercise Equipment

The abdominal area is a good indicator of how physically fit a person is. That is why many people work on their abdominal muscles so they can show off their 6-pack abs. Excess fat on the stomach is very hard to lose. However, using the best abdominal exercise equipment will help you tone your muscles and get rid of belly fat.

Before taking a look at some abdominal exercise equipment, it’s important to point out that you can have great-looking abs only if you exercise regularly and consume less calories. You should also remember that exercise burns fat from all over the body, not just in targeted areas.

Best Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Abdominal exercise equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Some abdominal exercise machines can be expensive while others cost only a few dollars. Don’t judge a piece of abdominal exercise equipment by its price. Some of the cheapest exercise equipment can be the most effective.

Stability Ball or Exercise Ball. Stability balls were first used in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities but came into general use when doctors and fitness trainers took notice of their benefits. A stability ball can be used in place of a regular bench to provide extra challenge when performing abdominal exercises. The core muscles have to work harder to stay balanced on the ball. You can perform crunches, twists and other exercises on a stability ball.

Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Have you thought that maybe you have the whole picture wrong about how to get six pack abs? There is this fantastic diet and exercise system that will teach you everything you need to know about how to get a firm and trim midsection and that allows your ab muscles to show through.Check out my Six Pack Abs review now.

Ab Wheel. The ab wheel is a very simple piece of abdominal exercise equipment. It looks like a wheel with a stick through it that you grasp with both hands. To exercise your abs with the ab wheel, kneel down with the wheel in front of you. Roll out until you are stretched, and then roll back. This exercise may look easy but it is actually very challenging. The ab wheel exercises your arms, abs, and back.

Slant Board. The slant board or ab board looks like a bench with a declining angle. It has two sets of padded rollers at one end. You can perform crunches on the board, using the padded rollers to anchor your knees and ankles for stability. For a more challenging ab workout, hold a plate weight to your chest while exercising. The slant board is one of the most effective abdominal exercise equipment.

Exercise Mat. For many fitness experts, the floor is one of the best abdominal exercise equipment. Naturally, an exercise mat should go with it. There are dozens of ab exercises that you can perform on the floor, including crunches, leg raises, sit ups, and bicycle maneuver.
The use of abdominal exercise equipment must be paired with cardiovascular exercises if you want to get a flat tummy. While abdominal exercises strengthen your abs and back muscles, cardio exercise will help melt away the fat to reveal your rock hard abs.

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Goal Setting and success in your health

Goal setting is an important piece of any changes that you make in your life. Whenever you get started making changes in any way I am sure that you have found that the giddiness that you feel at the beginning feels like it will keep you going as long as it takes. After a while we all know that doubts creep in and before you know it the excitement is replaced by doubt and the things that seemed important now feel like a chore.

Well if we start every new plan by setting goals correctly we will have more than a fighting chance once the excitement fades we will have A PLAN.

Goal setting is a simple process, you decide what you want, make lists of why you want your goals as well as a list of what could stop you, make a plan decide what you will use as goal posts as you move toward the goal and finally once you reach your goal you celebrate the achievement.

Let’s try this out with a weight loss goal:

  • Goal, to lose 30 pounds
  • Why, to feel and be more
    healthy, prove to myself I can do anything
  • What could stop me, people
    offering food, bad weather for workouts, tiredness
  • Plan, to do cardio 3 days a
    week and weights 2 days a week, to cut the size of my meals, to cut out
    all sugar except for once a day, get lots of sleep to rest from the
    changes and workouts
  • Goal posts, lose 2 pounds
    per week, 30 pounds should be lost in 15 weeks, adjust diet and
    exercise as needed
  • Celebrate, after finishing
    this weight loss get a family picture taken with me in new clothes

This goal setting system is almost fool proof, the only thing that you should add if you can is a partner and someone that you can talk to about your progress, a spouse maybe or a personal trainer if it is a exercise goal.

Now go forward and make some goals! One more thing that I learned from listening to Tony Robbins is that when you do make a goal don’t leave the site of a goal without taking an action towards it’s attainment.

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