Is a Measuring Tape Better Than A Scale?

The need to lose weight is something that many of us have. The truth is, however, that we should be seeking to lose fat specifically. Muscle weight is fine, but weight from fat is not.

The problem is that it can be hard to measure your progress when you’re making effort to lose weight. This is especially true if you work out regularly as part of your weight loss process. If you incorporate strength training three to four times a week, you may gain muscle, which will add to your weight. This is not a gain in fat, but in muscle.

The Problem With Scales

If you use a scale to measure your progress, you can never tell the difference if the weight you lost or gained is water weight, fat, or muscle. This is why a measuring tape is more appropriate to track your weight loss progress. By using a measuring tape, you can see if you are losing inches off your body. When you lose inches, chances are you are losing fat. And ultimately, that’s the whole point of losing weight.

Does this mean that you should throw away your scales and rely completely on a measuring tape? Not necessarily. Use both to measure how far you’ve come with your weight loss efforts. Use the number of the scale to see if you are heading in the right direction, and reconfirm whether it is fat that you are losing with a measuring tape. This way, you get a way better picture of how things are with your weight loss. Weight varies from day to day, but fat loss is less variable.

Go Beyond The Measurements

Besides the scale and the measuring tape, what else can you use to measure your weight loss? Well, you can judge by whether your clothes are becoming looser, and whether you feel lighter and fitter. These may be more subjective, but sometimes all you need to confirm that you are losing weight is the fact that you can fit into your old jeans.

Many people also report feeling more energetic, and generally happier and more confident in themselves. So, even if the scale shows slow progress, don’t discount this kind of evidence when it comes to motivating yourself by knowing that your efforts are paying off!

If you want the most accurate measurements possible then there are more ways to measure body fat – calipers, for example. Just know that, by tracking your progress every day or every week, you’ll help keep yourself motivated to continue.



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Final Phase Fat Loss 2 (Pre Release)

Final Phase Fat Loss 2 (Pre Release)

Final Phase Fat Loss

Final Phase Fat loss 2 is not yet released but today and tomorrow there is a half off sale for it. I am really busy these days updating content on this blog and I almost missed this cheap offer.

It seems that John Romaniello, who released Final Phase Fat Loss last year is doing a re-release now I got a link to the presale and for two days it is on sale for 52% off and there are a bunch of bonuses as well right now.

John is not one of those really famous guys in training. He isn’t famous like Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels but the funny thing is that many of the big name internet based trainers go to him for losing weight. Guys like Vince Del Monte the writer of No Nonsense Muscle Building and Isabel De Los Rios the author of The Diet Solution Program use this very program to lose their last few pounds.

Although the Final Phase Fat Loss program isn’t for everyone, I would recommend it IF you fall into one of these 3 categories (Male or Female):

– You’re struggling to lose the last 10-20 lbs of stubborn fat.

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Questions about Final Phase Fat Loss

What if I have more than 10 lbs to lose?

Final Phase Fat Loss 2 (Pre Release)

Final Phase Fat Loss

Even with more than 10 pounds to lose, you can ABSOLUTELY still benefit from using Final Phase Fat Loss! You see, FPFL can work for a host of people because it is one of the most advanced and sophisticated fat loss programs available. Now, while I certainly can’t list them all, I’ll give you the top 3 types of people who can benefit from the program.

1) Anyone who has hit a fat loss plateau. If you have been struggling at the same weight for a while and need to break through and start your fat loss again, Final Phase Fat Loss can do that.

2) Anyone who has been doing fat loss training for a while, and is looking to take it up a notch and bring their programming and their physique to the next level.

3) Anyone trying to lose the last 5-15 pounds. If that’s you, you NEED to be on this program. Now, I am going to guess if you’re reading this, you fall into at least one of these categories. So, isn’t it obvious by now? YOU will benefit from this program!

Can this program really help me lose fat from my “problem areas”? Absolutely! Problem areas are problems because of the hormones that create them. The places you store your fat the easiest, and from which it is the hardest to lose, are generally heavily influenced by certain hormones. As an example, if you store fat mostly in the belly, then chances are you have high cortisol. This is a special program.

Not only are the unique workouts exceptionally good from a general perspective in terms of overall fat loss, but they ALSO have been designed to specifically call for the release of certain hormones that will help to offset your hormone related fat storage. For example, if you do have belly fat, lactic acid training (which produces growth hormones) will help you to burn it.

Final Phase Fat Loss 2 (Pre Release)Is Final Phase Fat Loss for men or for women?

Men and women can benefit equally. Fat doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who gains weight, and neither should programs discriminate on the fat they fight. Quite a few of my best clients are women; they tend to be the hardest workers…especially the brides! In fact, I’ve never seen ANYONE work harder in the gym than a women preparing for her wedding! As for men, generally speaking, guys have a higher level of familiarity with weight training…therefore the learning curve is a bit smoother for them.

As well, men MAY have a slightly easier time in the beginning (but not for long!). So go to the following link and just check out what John is offering.

Final Phase Fat Loss 2 (Pre Release)

But it is important to do it today or tomorrow as it will be gone soon and back up to the regular price. Final phase fat loss may be exactly what you are looking for to build that beach body.


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