Goal Setting and success in your health

Goal setting is an important piece of any changes that you make in your life. Whenever you get started making changes in any way I am sure that you have found that the giddiness that you feel at the beginning feels like it will keep you going as long as it takes. After a while we all know that doubts creep in and before you know it the excitement is replaced by doubt and the things that seemed important now feel like a chore.

Well if we start every new plan by setting goals correctly we will have more than a fighting chance once the excitement fades we will have A PLAN.

Goal setting is a simple process, you decide what you want, make lists of why you want your goals as well as a list of what could stop you, make a plan decide what you will use as goal posts as you move toward the goal and finally once you reach your goal you celebrate the achievement.

Let’s try this out with a weight loss goal:

  • Goal, to lose 30 pounds
  • Why, to feel and be more
    healthy, prove to myself I can do anything
  • What could stop me, people
    offering food, bad weather for workouts, tiredness
  • Plan, to do cardio 3 days a
    week and weights 2 days a week, to cut the size of my meals, to cut out
    all sugar except for once a day, get lots of sleep to rest from the
    changes and workouts
  • Goal posts, lose 2 pounds
    per week, 30 pounds should be lost in 15 weeks, adjust diet and
    exercise as needed
  • Celebrate, after finishing
    this weight loss get a family picture taken with me in new clothes

This goal setting system is almost fool proof, the only thing that you should add if you can is a partner and someone that you can talk to about your progress, a spouse maybe or a personal trainer if it is a exercise goal.

Now go forward and make some goals! One more thing that I learned from listening to Tony Robbins is that when you do make a goal don’t leave the site of a goal without taking an action towards it’s attainment.

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots – use the Calorie Shifting Method

The popular online diet, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, begins by explaining the manual why most diets fail. Because metabolism adapts quickly to changes in calories. This makes the most inefficient systems almost immediately. Fat Loss 4 Idiots attacks this problem directly with the concept of calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting is a proven method that works by rotating your protein and carbohydrate intake daily. This throws the body's metabolism off balance which increases it. It makes you lose weight faster and for a much longer period. Eat moderately four times a day helps to start it. This process corrects your hormones and regulates the burning of fat that allows you to quickly and safely lose weight.

After a robust methodology The second important fact about Fat Loss 4 Idiots is that it is clearly intended to be a diet that users can take. Having 4 meals a day keeps the hunger pains away. The only guideline is to eat a little less to be full. The plan follows a diet 11 days, 3 days of rest. This follows the philosophy of the Diet of shaking routine to boost metabolism. More, there are a few days break at the end makes these 11 days, all the easier. Many users say they no longer feel the same as engaged during the 3 days.

An important part of this scheme is the online diet generator which comes with the ebook manual. This device allows you to enter your favorite foods on your PC and a diet plan incorporating the method of transfer of heat is generated for you to follow. There is no need to weigh food or the number of calories and review.

Especially Fat Loss 4 Idiots is supposed to be a simple, effective and, as its name indicates fool-proof diet. There are many reviews online from reliable sources saying that the plan does certainly work. However, as with all plans effective, some degree of control is still essential. Dieting, however, is much easier and more efficient with this system using the method of transfer of calories.


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