The Rocks Diet

You know Dwayne Johnson? The Rock? He used to be a pro wrestler, now has a TV show called The Hero, and is making a movie called Hercules – The Thracian Wars.

Last week he posted his bulking up diet on Twitter and it is crazy! 7 meals a day a ton of meat and carbs. Check this out!

the rocks diet

That is a lot of food. and the Nemean Lion Blood? I was wondering about that and searched and it is just an in joke about the Nemean Lions that were supposed to have blood that would be poisonous.

Anyway if you have been watch The Hero TV show you have probably noticed that Dwayne Johnson is even bigger now than ever. He is certainly lean and very very muscular so that diet and exercise seem to be working really well together

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Avoiding those little Halloween chocolate bars

I have always been a sucker of the Halloween chocolate bars. In the past I have had all sorts of trouble staying away from them until finally my wife banned them from our house.

Here is another great article from the guys at Starling Fitness on how to stay away this year.

Starling Fitness ? How To Not Binge On Halloween Candy

Good luck and remember not ot get sucked in on November 1st by all the chocolate that is on sale at the specialty stores.

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