Emulate Olympians – or at least cheer!

I am off on holiday this week and went camping for a few days with my family. A nice break at a lakeside campground that let me really recharge and get ready for the second half of this year.

Along the way lately I have found out I need a root canal, a new hot water heater, and during camping I realized I am not a very good camper. But I love camping anyway.

Now today I have been watching the Olympics. You just know that for these guys last week and this week their whole world has stopped and they all know that this is the most important time in their entire career to peak in their entire sports career.

My son Jaiden hanging in a hammock

My son Jaiden hanging in a hammock

So for me life goes on, for these guys life is at a stand still.

What can we learn from the Olympians?

Really I have to wonder how we all look for success in the bank, on the scale, at the workplace, in our neighborhood, and in the eyes of our family and friends on a daily basis when these Olympians gauge themselves on the public stage once every four years.

We have to stop looking at the short term so much and look at making lasting change. On my Facebook page I like posting success pictures and stuff saying things like “today matters most” or “Tomorrow doesn’t count – only today” and I always agree with that, todays actions really do lead to tomorrows results. But also it is easy to get discouraged looking at what you have gotten done today.

I think really we need to look at always getting better, it does not always happen today, but know that over time we are always moving forward.

So in all our struggles, me with my teeth and hot water heater, you with your own struggles, We really just always have to look forward and move forward. Be inspired by these Olympians and the sacrifices they make and the satisfaction and victory they all feel these two weeks. It comes again in four years but these days are magical for them and us.

Lets celebrate together

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