I’m here today a little more tan and relaxed than I was a week ago. We spent the week at the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos (in the Caribbean) where I ate, read, and swam in that rotation for about six days. We were totally cut off from cell phone service and internet for almost a week and it was fabulous. I thought I’d start twitching without the internet, but no offense to my beloved Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, My Fitness Pal and blog, but I didn’t miss it at all. Being totally unplugged is oh so nice and is making me think that I should do it at least once a week.

Vacation taught me to spend more time outside, to unplug, to sit and read and to embrace doing nothing. I also need to make jerk chicken very soon. I thought my trip would be spent eating sushi, but the jerk chicken won my heart. I love you jerk chicken. Let’s be friends.

And finally, can I just say that it feels good to have this year’s big looming dates done and over with? I’m horrible at losing weight for an event. I thought getting on a plane and stripping down to a bathing suit in front of people would inspire more weight loss, but it only stressed me out and made me panic. Stress+ panic does nothing for my weight loss. Combine that with a trip to the doctor who basically said in no uncertain terms “if you don’t lose weight, you will get diabetes”. I’m on it doctor. For reals.

I joined Zumba the week before I left and loved it. Our local gym offers it three days a week (monday, tuesday and wednesday) and I plan to be there for each one. Combine that with calorie counting, and strength training and I feel good about my direction.

Breakfast this morning is one of my favorites: 3/4 C whole, plain organic yogurt, all fruit blackberry jam, fresh blueberries and a little Ezekiel granola.

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