My sweet tooth knows no bounds. As soon as I declare “self, let’s get serious about this whole weight loss business” I start craving sweets. Seeing as how this is the year without refined sugar with a couple exceptions (I’m looking at you Beaches Resort) I’ve had to get a little creative.

And here friends, is a Sunday, just as good as any old ice cream thing you’d find elsewhere. The star is, of course, the brownie. But how?

Meet The Pure Bar (organic, raw, refined sugar free). The main contenders are dates, agave nectar, cashews, cocoa, almonds and a proud “and that’s all!” at the end. I love them and buy them so often that our local grocery store has a hard time meeting my demand.

To me, the taste is very similar to a Little Debbie brownie. My husband would disagree and actually does not understand my love for these bars.

You guys remember the rumor about Lara Bar cherry and pecan pie bars tasting just like the real thing and we all went to the store and some of us (no names mentioned) bought a box on Amazon hoping that somehow someone finally figured out how to make dates and nuts taste like buttery crust and gooey filling? And then, well, it tasted more like fruit and nuts than gooey pies and we all cried? No?

This bar is so good, if you’re not my husband, go buy some and thank me later. Word on the street is that Trader Joe’s has them, Amazon has them and my local Food Lion stocks them just for me (I think).

All you need is 1/2 C whole plain yogurt, one Pure Bar Chocolate Brownie, 1 T all-fruit jam (melted or stirred in with the yogurt) and 1 T shredded coconut (optional).

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