Qnexa Weight Loss Pill

Qnexa is a new diet drug set to be approved by the FDA. I have a bit of experience with diet drugs, not for me but for my wife years ago. Qnexa is a followup to Phentermine which is the drug my wife took 10 or 15 years back and is actually a phentermine and topiramate mixture.

The good of Qnexa

In past trials patients taking Qnexa have demonstrated statistically significant weight loss, glycemic control, and improvement in cardiovascular risk factors, when used in combination with a diet and lifestyle modification program. The most commonly reported side effects were tingling, dry mouth, constipation and altered taste.

Most of the results that the company puts out are percentages which is a bit decieving (quick what is 6% weight loss on a 213 pound person?). But really I would expect that this new diet drug will be effective.

The Bad of Qnexa

Qnexa Weight Loss Pill

Qnexa Weight Loss Pill

Even if this new drug ends up being good for weight loss and helps a bunch of people I am worried and scared for people with side effects that have not yet been uncovered. I know that when my wife took Phentermine she had shortness of breath and dizzyness and of course anyone that feels that this is there only chance to lose weight will be willing to accept undesireable side effects.

The other problem of course is the fitness problem. For people that are morbidly obese sure this may look like a decent solution but at what point are people going to start taking Qnexa. Is it enough if your are 50 pounds overweight, 30 pounds, 20 pounds. Really there is a slippery slope where laziness will take the place of responsiibility to some people.

I know there are many of us looking to lose a few pounds and others that have lots of weight to lose and I still worry that Qnexa is going to be some kind of a shortcut that could be a problem.

So what is the Qnexa alternative?

Of course we all know what is coming next. Diet and exercise. I suspect that you reading this has a few pounds to lose. Perhaps you want to lose 20 or 30 pounds. If that is the case for you then you do have options, things are not drastic or dire. Eating well and exercising 30 minutes a day 5 or 6 days a week will make you feel great, healthier, and help you lose the few pounds you need to lose.

If the case for you is different. If you have a 100 pounds of fat to lose then it may be time to be a bit more drastic. I have written a post on how to lose 100 pounds and that whould help you get going and then over time you will feel better, and healthier and again drop those pounds.

I am not doctor. I can’t tell people whether Qnexa is appropriate for anyone but I still worry that Qnexa is the continuation down a slippery slope of using pills to fix us instead of using knowledge and sheer will to do it instead.

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Working Lunch and Late Dinner

burgerandchili Working Lunch and Late Dinner

Lunch was late and eaten right in front of my computer. Josh graciously (and unexpectantly) brought home burgers and bowls of chili from the local drive-in sort of place. Their chili is homemade and really good and spicy.

latedinner Working Lunch and Late Dinner

Dinner was late too. We weren’t hungry until 9:30 and I was in the mood from something light because lunch was so heavy. I put this together under 10 minutes. Wild caught salmon cooked with organic butter, salt and garlic. I love salmon and rarely think it needs more than a little butter or olive oil and salt. The sweet potato was heated in the microwave and topped with butter, garlic, cayenne and salt. Mixed greens salad with my creamy dressing.

I’m getting the hang of these healthier meals. I think there’s a myth that I probably bought into at some point in my life that healthful meals were expensive and needed to be planned out. I thought they would take longer? Who knows. Anyway, this meal was about $4.50 each and the bulk of that expense was from the salmon.

What are your favorite, cheap and quick dinners?

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