For a considerable time, several loss experts have recommended the calorie shifting diet as the next best weight loss solution. While it is true to an extent. rarely do those experts recommend the ideal foods for the diet in the same vein. This leaves the common people confused.

If you already know about the benefits of the calorie shifting dieting program but have no idea of what to eat and what not to eat, this post would be the perfect read for you. For the five minutes you spend in reading it, you would collect some great recipe ideas that could form an integral part of your life.

Definition of Calorie Shifting diet

calorie shiftingThe name ‘calorie shifting’ itself is a term that doesn’t really tell you much. You can easily figure out that this diet recommends “shifting” your calorie consumption levels instead of restricting yourself to a low-calorie or low-carb meal.

Unlike the conventional fad diets, this calorie shifting dieting method makes you burn fat without forcing you to starve or eat boring foods; on top of that, you can also satiate your junk food cravings with this dieting method. Now isn’t that something quite unheard of?

The calorie shifting diet would teach you that food is your friend and NOT enemy, and as such, you should eat as much food as you need. Even though the calorie shifting diet restricts your daily calorie intake to a certain level, this level is fairly much higher compared to other fad diets.

Eat more AND Lose Weight?

With calorie shifting, you would be consuming a lot more calories than you would, say, with the South Beach or the Detox diet, and yet burn fat and lose weight faster than those diets. Calorie shifting requires you to eat foods of varying calorie contents, ranging from low-calorie to high-calorie.

In fact, with this dieting method, you won’t even realize that you are dieting, since your eating habits are more or less kept at a normal level. However, if you have been eating junk foods day in and day out or surviving on a piece or carrot or cabbage, then of course you would notice a huge change as none of these abnormal food habits are allowed under the calorie shifting method of dieting.

Exercise and Calorie Shifting

I have kept the best for the last. The best part of this program is that you won’t have to workout if you don’t want to, although I highly recommend workouts to all my clients, even if you spend no more than 10-15 minutes on it per day.

Now the foods. With the calorie shifting diet, you can have fatty foods such as cheese, fishes, etc, as well as protein-rich foods such as eggs and lean chicken breast. Your carb intake is not restricted as well; you can consume carbs in the form of organic fruits and vegetables. Most of these organic fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber, which means they would keep you full for a long time and suppress your hunger effectively.

Although there are some restrictions on your junk food intake, you won’t ever feel deprived. Let’s say that if you eat a lot of burgers on one day, the very next day you are required to eat only low-calorie fruits, thereby balancing the “act”. With this diet, you are least likely to ‘cheat’ because your junk food cravings are satiated fully.

And here is the real shocker: while most conventional diet programs last for months or even years, the calorie shifting diet lasts only for 11 days straight, after which you are allowed a 4-day “cheat period” when you could eat whatever you want, including junk foods.

There is one diet that uses exactly this method and that is the fat loss for Idiots diet

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