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It Chooses You

Good morning! Did you guys get any snow yesterday? So far we just have a dusting, it’s mostly cold and windy. Is it bad that I’m hoping for at least one big snow this winter?

Yesterday’s breakfast was so good. I had one of Jeanne’s eggs fried in butter, a couple of slices of peach ham, a clementine and a small slice of banana bread. I ended up not eating more than a bite of the banana bread because I got overzealous with reheating it in the microwave. I think a loaf of banana bread is in my future.

Lunch was really late in the day so I kept it small. A shared chicken burrito, half of an avocado, and salsa.

Dinner took forever to cook, but it was so worth it. I made tandoori chicken burgers with yogurt cucumber sauce and naan. I topped the burgers with cucumber, red onion and cilantro. It was amazing. The chicken patties were tender and had a lot of Indian spice flavor to them. I also really liked the cumin in the cucumber sauce.

I didn’t get a good photo of the burgers because it was 9pm and I didn’t feel like pulling out the natural lights, but these were amazing. I’ll definitely be making them again. You can find the recipe for the tandoori chicken burgers here. The only difference for me was the chicken. I used whole chicken breasts and ground them up in the food processor with the spices. The naan recipe is here.

I did not exercise yesterday and can tell it’s going to be hard at first to get back into the swing of things. I woke up early to exercise and then waited for Josh and then just kept putting it off until we were both too tired. I think honestly we were both excited to get back to work and have a normal day that it took second seat to everything else. No excuses today though.

I’m almost done reading It Chooses You by Miranda July. Oh my. It’s so very interested and surprisingly sad and deep. Miranda’s comments about life, time and death feel so familiar to what goes on in my own head that it’s comforting to read the  words from someone else. While writing or trying to write a screen play she decides to seek out the people from the LA Penny Saver for interviews. What she finds is a whole lot of crazy in a world that exists without the internet.

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The Day of the Living

We’ve made it to the second day of the new year! Hooray for us!

Yesterday was the first day in awhile that I felt like a human being. This means that I diligently sat at my computer listening to Perpetuum Mobile on repeat while I worked on finishing design projects from 2011. I’m pretty sure that listening to any piece of music on repeat for any length of time is a sign of deep neurosis. I’m going to look into that. Productivity felt so good.

So did eating…

I’m calling this the breakfast of friends because everything here was given to me. I know some good people. The egg from my friend Jeanne’s chickens. Fresh bread and clementines from bread master Sarah. And apple butter from my mom. I don’t care for runny eggs, I like them fried crisp in butter and well done with lots of pepper.

Christmas tree is still up, I’m thinking I’ll take it down next weekend. I just love the light, maybe I need to put twinkle lights up year round. The scrabble peace ornament is from my pal AshleyGee and it’s one of my favorites this year. Thanks Ashley!

Dinner was at India Garden in Blacksburg. Their chicken tikka masala is exactly what I was craving. It’s so sweet and creamy and perfect with naan. I emailed Josh earlier in the day and said “if I get my work done, we’re going out!” and out we did.

I love Indian food, there is no craving like an Indian food craving, I could  eat this meal several times a week.

After dinner we went out to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which was deeply disturbing and intriguing. I honestly loved the story, but there wasn’t a lot left on the table as far as torturous scenes go. Rooney Mara was fantastic though. Have you read the books? I’m equal parts scared and interested in reading them.

It’s so nice to start the year with a clean slate. I’ve cleared so much off my plate for the new year that it feels good to have time to write and be creative.  Today I start back with Insanity after being off for two weeks. I’m looking forward to the endorphins and sweat.

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