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Burn The Fat, feed the muscle – Email Training Buddy?

Hi, I'm halfway through reading BFFM and after having read / tried every diet under the sun – I lost 25 kg by diet and exercise reasonable, but were stabilized for months if you want to now focus on fat loss.
  I like the sound of BFFM and I pledge to do as close to literally as possible for 12 weeks starting as soon as I finished reading it! Is anyone willing COMMITT also be friends and training e-mail?
  Also interested to hear success stories and any advice on this program – thank you

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Raw Diet for Weight Loss?

Recently, I followed a vegan diet, he was very correct, although I lost interest because I could not eat a lot together. I know raw vegetables and fruits are better to eat because of safety. Is this a healthy diet or if I should just stick to being a vegan again? Also, do not rank in the milk of the scheme first? I know he does not vegan diets because her from an animal, but I want to make a plan first just for the benefits of pure healthy weight loss. I just want to know if he is healthy enough for me?

How Fat Loss for Idiots Works

If you've been Browing the Internet trying to find information about losing weight or cutting your body fat you have completed most likely in a diet called fat loss for idiots. Currently, there is a plan online the most popular and is talked a little.
  This system, also often called weight loss for idiots or the Idiot Proof Diet, not based on low-fat techniques for low-carb or starvation to help you lose weight like most traditional diets. Instead, it uses what is called "shifting calories theory." If you want to learn more about how the transfer of calories theory works and how it can help you lose weight, you can read more here: Click here to learn about shifting calories
  Although the transfer of calories is the main reason why fat loss for Idiots works, there are also several other advantages compared to other types of plans. Let's take a quick look at these.
  One of the hardest parts of being on a diet is that they leave you feeling deprived and just plain hungry. When you feel deprived, it is much easier to binge or completely blow the diet. In fact, one of the main reasons why diets fail – people do not stick with them because they feel too hungry.
  Diets low in fat and low in carbohydrates are very restrictive about the types of foods you can eat and often do not give your body the nutrition it needs. In fact, I know a diet low in carbohydrates than in the early stages will not even let you eat an apple because it has too many carbohydrates – Oh la la! Starvation diets do not provide your body with enough calories to burn and you wind up feeling, well, hungry. Hungry and not getting adequate nutrition both can lead to cravings.
  With fat loss for idiots on the other hand, you eat more than 3 times per day if you do not have time to really hungry between meals. It also allows you to eat the foods you love (hot dogs, hamburgers or pizza, anyone?) So you do not feel deprived. Because of this, it is much easier to stick to most diets.
  Diet can also run in cycles of 14 days – 11 days diet with 3 "cheat" days between each cycle where you can eat what you want. This makes it easier to stick with longer periods of time if you have a lot of weight to lose. You're not dieting forever, but it breaks down into manageable time periods.
  If you want to learn more about how fat loss for Idiots works, what weight can realistically expect to lose, and read the stories of others who have actually tried checking the power on http://www. fatlossforidiotsreview. com

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