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US Open 2013

If it is late August then it must be time for the US Open tennis tournament.

I have been a huge tennis fan since I played as a kid and have gone through so many US Open tennis tournaments on TV. I have watched everyone from Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Mats Wilander, Peter Chang, Pete Sampras, and of course my favorite Andre Aggasi.

us-open-tennis-logoOf course the best mens players these days are Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal.

This year times are changing for the mens draw though with Novak Djokovic being the number 1 seed and Nadal as 2nd seed and Federer is down to 7th seed but I sure would never want to count him out.

I hate to say it but I have not watched too much womens tennis over the last few years but saw tonight that Venus Williams beat  seeded player in the first round and her sister Serena Williams is the number 1 seed again this year.

Are you going to be watching the US Open this year? Are you a tennis fan like me?

Well I know what I will be doing in the evenings this week and next anyway, watching the some of the greatest sports in the world. Night tennis at the US Open!

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The Social Diet

The problem a lot of people have when dieting is the fact that they like going out and being sociable; part and parcel of this is eating out with friends. Now eating out whilst dieting can be hard BUT you don’t have to panic, you can use these five simple tips that will allow you to eat out with you friends without breaking your diet rules or piling on the pounds.

1. Eat A Small fat loss Snack Before Eating Out

Some great fat loss snacks include:

  • Nuts
  • Tuna mixed with cottage cheese
  • Carrot sticks with humus

This is so you don’t over indulge at the restaurant, and it will help HOWEVER, the best way to truly conquer this is by mastering self discipline. Another method of self discipline that will help is by stopping eating when you are full; it will be hard at first (especially if your at a nice restaurant) but as with everything, you will get better with practice.

2. Pick Food That Is Comprised Of The 3 fat loss Food Groups

fruits-and-vegetablesThe three fat loss food groups are:

  •  Protein: Eggs, Chicken (breast or thigh) Beef, Fish, Pork, Lamb
  •  Legumes: Black Beans, Lentils, Red Beans, Soya Beans, Borlotti Beans
  •  Vegetables: Mixed Vegetables, Peas, Broccoli, Green Beans etc. Any vegetables are allowed

If you pick food at the restaurant that includes protein, vegetables and legumes then you can’t go wrong! These foods make your brain release fat BURNING hormones so no matter how much you eat you won’t put on any fat. Also don’t be shy to request anything, for example “can I have a side salad instead of chips” or “In my burger take away the cheese and mayo, add extra lettuce and tomato.”

3. Eat Slowly

It takes twenty minutes for your brain to realise you’re full, this means if you eat fast you are likely to over eat by about twenty minutes; if you eat slow on the other hand, your brain  will register you are full a lot earlier and you will end up consuming less calories as a result.

4. Drink More Water

When you are mildly dehydrated the brain sends out hunger signals, I recommend drinking a pint of water before you leave for the restaurant (you will get full faster) or next time you are hungry. If you get into the habit of reaching for a glass of water before you reach for the cookie jar your on to a winner!

5. Load Up On Vegetables

Vegetables have a very low effect on blood sugar level and have very low calories. By loading up on vegetables you can kill two birds with one stone as you are adding more of one of the fat loss food groups to your meal.

Ryan Phillips is an online fat loss coach and author of the Rapid fat loss System. You can ask him for advice on his blog or download his free report here Free fat loss Report to help you drop fat in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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How to Stop Overwhelm and Get To Your Goals

Sometimes we want to act and we will take the long view and allow external issues to hold us back. I have been running into this lately and see it as something that use to stop me but now I try to compartmentalise stuff so that I can keep everything I can control on track.

The issue right now in our house is our upcoming Kidney March.

Kidney March History

A few months ago we signed up to do the Alberta Kideny March. This is a 100 kilometer walk that raises money and awareness for Kidney research for people like our daughter that face a kidney transplant.

When we signed up I was a bit slow getting started, it was a few months away, I knew that I had stuff coming up now, I had training walks to eventually do and fundraising. My wife on the other hand started fundraising and having success with it immediately and pulled me out the door for some training walks.

Now after a couple or three months of not doing anything about our Kideny March stuff my wife is suddenly nervous. We have to raise more money, what will we do with the kids that weekend?, my stomach problems are bad, we haven’t trained enough. All of these issues and even a couple more problems are in her way while my procrastination finally stopped and I have started doing longer training walks and know that I will definitely be ready for three days of 30+ kilometer walks.

With all of my wifes fears heading towards us I just want to walk and get ready. She isn’t there yet, but she is close

How to Handle Personal Projects

personal-planningWe had a long talk last night and there are a few things we can do. We can handle each of our outstanding issues separately and look at these as single issues, not all intertwined as one giant project.

I hope that now that my wife is onside with this that we can start moving forward but I have to admit that in this light I am looking pretty good which is not really fair. I am always the one turning everything into a ball of problems and not breaking things out and can never move forward until I untangle feelings, fears, problems, and possible solutions to try and fix everything.

I know I am not the only one that does this, it must be common but really so often we will feel the need to straighten everything out before we take action.

  • I can’t fix my diet until I go shopping again and finish the food in the house and find the perfect diet for me
  • I can’t get in shape until I join a gym and find a trainer and schedule to workout and the perfect workout routine
  • I can’t look for another job until I find my purpose and passions, and get training, and acceptable knowledge and build out my social network
  • I will not write a book until I have researched the subject thoroughly, found a writing coach and researched successful writers
  • I can’t, I need, I want, I have to get it together

Does this sound like you? I know it often sounds like me. I overanalyze most situations until I feel I am ready and so often we do not even foresee the actual problems that will come up in real life. Usually I make the issues that would come up as far more insurmountable then they really are.

Take First Actions

The real secret to success in most things is the first action. Once you take that action you can see what the next action should be and even if you have not prepared for what is coming up later you don’t have to have a fix until later anyway.

When I first looked at the Getting Things Done system I, like a lot of others, didn’t like the lack of planning for projects. When you look though now at what I am talking about with just worrying about the next step then it makes things work a lot better.

Do you do this as well? Not act until everything is ready?

Try doing this yourself, make a list of all the things that you need or want to get done and look at the first step. I can tell you that when you take that first step all the pressure feels like it is off. I have seen the September 6th date for the start of the Kidney March and just shook my head. Once I started my training in earnest though I now feel a heck of a lot better. I can now see what kind of training that I need to do so the pressure is off. I know that I can get these training sessions in so the pressure is off. I know for me the only other part is the fundraising and I can find the time for that so the pressure is off.

If we look back at the issues my wife is worries it is the same thing. Start fundraising again and ask for donations. Call some people to find a place for the kids for a couple days. Go to the doctor for some antibiotics for the stomach issues. And go for some training walks to see how close she is for being ready to walk. All have a next step.

I hope this post gets you mind churning a bit. I bet you, just like me, have a lot of outstanding things that you have been holding off on maybe for months or years that you can finally start and get on the road to finishing.

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