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The Biggest Loser Fitness Program (Book)

The Biggest Loser Fitness Program (Book)

The Biggest Loser Fitness Program

The next book in the best-selling Biggest Loser series, featuring a personalized fitness program used by Biggest Loser contestants to dramatically transform their bodies and lives! In The Biggest Loser, NBCs hit unscripted show, overweight contestants divided into Red and Blue teams undergo dramatic weight-loss transformations the old-fashioned waywith diet and exercise.

Now, for the first time, fans everywhere will learn the Biggest Loser trainers fitness secrets and programs modified for workouts at the gym or at home. First, pick your team. Then, just follow along with either the Red Team or Blue Team workouts, customizing your plan to best fit your lifestyle, goals, and current fitness level.

Taking the best moves from the workouts at The Biggest Loser Ranch, the routines in The Biggest Loser Fitness Program require very little equipment, are suitable for readers at any fitness level, and are designed with your busy schedule in mind.

  • In addition, The Biggest Loser Fitness Program also offers:
  • sensible and real-life eating advice from the shows nutrition experts
  • dozens of tips and tricks for getting started from the shows trainers and contestants
  • inspiring and motivating contestant testimonials, including before-and-after photos
  • clear, how-to photographs for each workout move modifications for beginners and advanced readers alike

Not all of us can go to the Biggest Loser Ranch for months at a time! This fitness program is the next-best bet for dramatic, weight-loss transformation. Complete with real-life advice and built-in motivation, The Biggest Loser Fitness Program will inspire you to fight fat and become the biggest loser!

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Best Price: 14.93 USD at NBC Universal Store

Procrastination and Missed Opportunity

I and many others have a problems with procrastination. There are a few ways to win the battle of procrastination but one of the big one is to look at the loss of opportunity when it comes to procrastination.

How Procrastination Hurts Us

One of the problems with procrastination is that when we decide through inaction that we are not going to do something then we feel no sense of loss. Often we can find other busywork to stop us from doing important things and make that procrastination seem not quite as bad.

The real way that procrastination hurts us though is when we have some kind of important opportunity that we miss in life. I am not talking about missed opportunities like buying a winning lottery ticket or finding the love of your life but more commonplace types of opportunities to make change.

Here are some examples of missed opportunities thanks to procrastination

Eating badly or not exercising today – Means that you will not be in a better place physically 1 year from now than you are today
Watching TV today instead of going out and meeting new people – means that you will be STILL watching TV a year from now

I know these are a little harsh and don’t think that I don’t procrastinate either. Or else there would be 10,000 posts on this blog instead of just under 2,000. My procrastination is painful to me everyday. I have missed a lot of opportunities and successes in life because of procrastination and it can really hurt.

How To Kick Off Change Today

Procrastination and Missed Opportunity

Fight Procrastination

Look at the parts of your life where things are going badly for you or at least not as well as you wish they were. Now think back to what you could have done a year ago, the changes you could have made and how much better today would have been if you would have done those things.

Now look at yourself a year from now. If you make those changes today then one year ago you will be a much better place, no matter how good or bad things are today.

Change they say is inevitable. The problem is that we as people do not have to change if we do not want to. Look seriously at yourself today and make those changes. Mark 1 week from now, 1 month from now, 6 months from now, and 1 year from now on calendars and see what you want to be on those days. What action do you need to take today and then tomorrow to reach these goals?

Finally take steps that matter. I am sure I have written this lots of times before but if you have a list of 5 things to do today no matter what then you are one day closer to your goals. If you look back on the last few weeks how many of those days were wasted because you got to busy and did not do those really important little tasks that over time make giant changes.

Remember most huge success a year from now can be traced back to small changes that are made today. Let us all know what changes you are going to make and why.

Procrastination and Missed Opportunity, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Let Go of Your Poisons

It is never get even more obvious than in the 21st century the earth is brimming with poisons. It’s almost impossible to avoid them, regardless of our best attempts.

The media, joined with the ‘all-knowing experts,’ counsel us to keep away from insecticides, household cleaners, ready-made foods, food additions, chemicals, and gas-guzzling sport use cars. If it were up to them, we might all be living in the mountains of Montana, growing our own food, drinking aquifer-supplied water, and driving a hybrid vehicle ( or riding a pony ). While this could be the ultimate way to live, sadly for me and you, it’s likely not practicable.

That is the reason why it’s far more significant to build and support our immunological defenses and make healthy decisions when referring to what we eat, what kinds of foods we decide to have in our houses, and which foods we offer for our youngsters. I do not wish to sound paranoid. And my need isn’t to make you eliminate all the things that are part of our day-to-day lives. I can nevertheless, offer you the following systematic proof and tenets for avoiding what I think to be the most poisonous substances to our bodies, which drain our energy!

Sugar and hydrogenated fats

These 2 poisons, which are consumed by the many billions of tons every year, literally drain our psychological and physical energy and infect us like a poison. Here is a short outline of each and how they adversely affect us : ‘Sugar makes you ill-tempered, hyperactive, and causes early aging…’Sugar is the most consumed substance in the world.

Let Go of Your PoisonsIt makes us need more and leaves us cranky when we do not have it. Systematic proof has demonstrated that sugar, in any form, exhausts necessary B vitamins and lowers your body’s resistance to bacteria, viruses, and yeasts.

Sugar makes you irascible, hyperactive, and causes early ageing thru a method called glycosylation. And to no surprise, sugar is the number 1 culprit to adult-onset ( Type II ) diabetes, which is sometimes self-induced because of a life charged with sugar. At about that point, the body isn’t capable of dumping insulin correctly, which becomes a heavy risk factor for heart problems.

The Insulin ‘Roller Coaster’ Ride

I am always trying to stay aware of the Insulin Roller Coaster and here is how it works:

  1. When you eat sugar, it enters your veins and arteries all at the same time, rather than slowly as it might as an element of a whole-food, natural meal.
  2. Now that there’s not enough sugar in your veins, your grey matter senses that you’re in a period of famine and sends a message to the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol.
  3. Adrenaline releases power from sugar stored in your liver and muscles, and cortisol starts to break down your own muscle bulk into sugar like I shared earlier.

This sequence is named the insulin – adrenaline – cortisol cycle. It is a vicious ‘roller coaster’ ride for your body, and the worst part is that thereafter, it leaves you feeling dozy, cranky, and amazingly, craving rather more refined, sweet foods. So, the cycle starts over again.

As is obvious, it is a downward spiral to poor health and even poorer energy levels.

Hydrogenated Fats

We have heard it revealed that we eat too much fat and that fat consumption has risen in the last twenty years, and we are becoming an increasingly overweight country. See, fat consumption hasn’t modified : what has changed is the sort of fats folk eat. Today, more folk are getting the great majority of their fats from ‘manmade’ hydrogenated fats and other dangerous polyunsaturated oils like palm and corn oil. So long as twenty, thirty, or fifty years back, folks ate a diet which was composed of more natural fats and oils, for example butter, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, and fat ( fats from red beef and lamb ).

‘…fat consumption hasn’t modified : what has changed is the sort of fats folks eat.’ Now, our diets are polluted with hydrogenated fats. These kinds of fats have been obviously linked to slowing our bodies ‘ metabolic processes and have also been proven to cause coronary disease and cancer.

The reason explaining why these fats are especially dangerous to us is perhaps because polyunsaturated and hydrogenated oils have been the subject of damaging economic processes ( literally restructuring them ), that has rendered them damaging. Their new ‘trans molecular structure’ hasn’t, until just recently, been integrated into human physiology and is thus unrecognizable to the body. Since their intro to our diets, just in the previous century, these unhealthy oils have been associated with coronary disease, cancer, and other degenerative defects. The best examples of a polyunsaturated oil is corn, cottonseed, canola, vegetable..

Make no mistake, these harmful fats must be avoided at any price.

By avoiding sugar and hydrogenated fats, you may

  • Improve concentration and psychological lucidity ( with short term memory )
  • Augment your immunological system,
  • Slow the process of aging, Reduce fat on the stomach area,
  • Eliminate future ‘junk-food’ longings.

The way In which I see it, the most pressing issue is the food industrywhich flourishes on the sales of sugar and ‘fake’ fat-containing foods. They have succeeded in brainwashing the general public and suppressing the scientific discoveries that eating whole foods, which contain almost no sugar, and meat and oils, which contain natural saturated fats don’t make a contribution to heart problems ( like they claim ) and are, in reality a good way to lift your metabolic rate, stabilise your cholesterol levels, improve your immunological system, and supply energy and structural integrity to every living cell in your body.

To avoid these poisons, here’s all you do tomorrow

Daily Energy Exercise : Rid Poisons from Your Life

Take  ten minutes to test the food labels and ingredients panels on the foodstuff in your cabinets, chiller, and on the counters in your kitchen. WHAT To Have A Look For? Any foods that list sugar, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, or maltodextrin as the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ingredient.

These are generally stuff like soda, breakfast cereals, and white-flour products like bread.

Any foods that list hydrogenated, partly hydrogenated, or corn, palm, or cottonseed oils. These are sometimes stuff like processed, frozen, and almost all deep-fried foods and even some nourishment bars and most meal replacements / protein drinks.

Make a special trip to the corner store to pick up items to replace these dangerous harmful foods. Rather than breakfast cereals, use steel cut oats. Rather than white-flour products, use whole-wheat or soy-flour type products. Simply indoctrinate yourself that you Won’t eat deep-fried foods any longer ( like Fries, chips, and so on. ). Deep-fried foods and the oils they are cooked in have no nutritive health benefits at all.

Replace your salad dressings and cooking oils with healthy oils like flaxseed oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and walnut oil. Read your labels carefully.. Manufacturers are very careful about making an attempt to hide these damaging ingredients.

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