Kidney March Experience

Well last weekend my long awaited Kidney March took place and I was as, you could expect, nervous about the prospect of walking 100 kilometers in 3 days. I have to say that it had a profound effect on me.

We started with an early morning after a late night of packing for ourselves and our kids. Actually the one thing that made us a bit crazy is that our daughter, the one with kidney disease, was in the hospital until Thursday afternoon but looked to be fine for the weekend. So the walk was a go after a drive, a bus trip, and the opening ceremonies in Millarville where the walk started.

Getting Started on Kidney March

dorky Bill and MichelleThere were 170 people on the walk and as we started everything went well but about halfway through the first day my wife started having trouble with her hips and in the end she pulled out after about 25 kilometers on the first day. As luck would have it the rain started falling after that and I walked the final 10 kilometers with a lady and her daughter and one other person because as we all know misery loves company. By the end of the 8 hours on the road I was exhausted after walking 34 kilometers on hard road and barely ate and showered and fell asleep. No blisters though!

On day 2, the Saturday the rain was pouring down on us all day and I started and ended the day with soggy running shoes. The thing that I felt really kept us going was the motivation of the Kidney March Crew, they were like cheerleaders to all the walkers. Also the medical staff making sure that we were all feeling good and not so cold or blistered.

The other thing that the Kidney March Crew did was to make sure that we were well fed and hydrated every three or so kilometers. On a dark rainy day this really matters. My wife made it around 25 kilometers this day as well with problems with her stomach this time. I made it to the end but even though I was very wet and a bit cold and hungry but I sure felt better than I did after the first day. I ended up walking for about 9 hours on the Saturday but I had more energy and felt way better after a shower.

One of the greatest things ever on the second day of the Kidney March was that a tent was setup in the campground with heaters pumping in. This allowed everyone to dry shoes and jackets so that we would be much warmer in the evening and dry shoes to walk in on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we woke up to sun and dry shoes. I can not tell you just how great it was to have my feet by warm and shoes shaped to my feet. The last day of Kidney March is the shortest as the end has a celebration at Calgary Olympic Park at 3:00 so everyone needs to have good pace to make it there on time.

There were still hills to climb on the Sunday just like the preceding two days but my wife started with a blistering walking pace that we were able to keep up unitl lunchtime. On this day, just to change things up again, my wife had some terrible ankle pain and had to have her foot wrapped and we slowed down a bit but still finished the 28 kilometers in about 7 hours or so and in time for the ending closing ceremonies.

How I Feel Now About Kidney March

I think I had the start of a couple blisters by the end but I was very fortunate to have no real blisters or leg pain that so many others had. I believe part of that is due to the fact that I have been wearing the same running shoes for a few months so they fit me great now

This Kidney March experience was for me one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was able to raise over $2200 for Kidney research thanks to so many people that donated. Also I got closer to my limits, I walked for about 24 hours over three days so I had a real chance to see how my body and mind reacted to the pain of the walking and the time on the road. I got down on myself at times, and I was very excited at other times and could feel this in my body.

Mostly though last weekend I will always remember the people I met. I heard a lot of stories from people that had been given Kidneys by others as well as people that were supporting friends or living themselves with Kidney Disease so now the experience that my family is going through does not feel so lonely. I really feel like a part of a community and this will keep me invested in the ideals of the Kidney March that I fully expect that I will walk again next year.

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How To Quit Smoking Easily

If you are wondering how to quit smoking, you are not alone. Just about every smoker wants to quit, if they are honest. They may not want to stop smoking right now, but they hope that they will stop sometime in the future. They may even think it is something that they can do any time that they want – but if they try, they often find that they can’t. When you are ready to stop, you will want to discover how to quit smoking in the easiest way.

Even people who only smoke a couple of cigarettes a day become addicted to nicotine and have trouble quitting. In fact, it can be harder for those people because they often escape most of the obvious negative effects of smoking – disease, social unacceptability, etc. They do not have the motivation that a smoker with a pack-a-day habit has.

In fact, motivation is probably the most important factor on your side when you are considering how to quit smoking. When you really, REALLY want to stop, you will probably do it. But if you kind of want to stop because you know it’s bad for you, but at the same time you think you could do it later, you will have a lot more trouble.

Motivation to Quit Smoking

So the first thing to do when you are figuring out how to quit smoking is to work on your motivation. Make a list of all the reasons that you want to quit. These could include:

  • avoiding smoking-related diseases
  • getting rid of that pesky cough
  • not having such a hard time when you catch a cold
  • better sex
  • whiter teeth
  • better skin
  • being more active
  • not damaging the health of those close to you

and most of all, being FREE from the terrible addiction. This freedom is something that non-smokers take for granted but it’s one of the most motivating factors that you can experience. As you quit, keep reminding yourself of the freedom that will be yours as soon as the withdrawal symptoms begin to lose their power.

Handling Quit Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

The next step is to learn about those withdrawal symptoms and plan how you will deal with them. If you are troubled by irritability or afraid that you will gain weight, there are nicotine replacement therapies or even meds that can help with these things. Arm yourself with information and advice from your doctor.

Dealing with irritability and mood swings can be tough. If you are going cold turkey and not planning to take use any nicotine replacement, it is important to apologize for any outbursts that you have and remind the person that you are quitting smoking (even if they already know that). But this excuse for bad behavior gets old fast! Non-smokers will only accept it for a few days. Those who have quit will be more sympathetic, but current smokers may just encourage you to have a cigarette, so stay away from them.

Imagine if you could easily use the same method that allowed Paul Peyton, a heavy smoker for more than 14 years, ? to permanently quit overnight… Wouldn’t that be wonderful?Well, guess what – you can. In fact, ANYONE can do it.

But first, you need to understand where you’ve gone wrong in the past… Treating just the physical addiction to smoking. But it can only be removed completely by using targeted psychotherapeutic techniques. NOT by ignoring it and hoping it will go away. And CERTAINLY NOT by throwing even more nicotine at it, in the form of patches or gum. You MUST deal with BOTH parts of your addiction the right way, or you will keep getting those cravings forever…

Specific, step by step instructions ? we show you exactly what to do, so nothing is left to chance. You choose the timeframe ? implement the method at your own pace, as you feel comfortable. Tried and tested method ? this cutting-edge method has been successfully used to cure thousands of happy ex-smokers. Permanently removes your mental dependence at the subconscious level ? resulting in a permanent end to mental cravings.
Check out PermaQuit now.

Most people who quit have some cravings for nicotine and again, you will find these much easier to handle if you plan ahead of time. Consider when and where you smoke and avoid those situations. Do you smoke with coffee? Switch to tea for a couple of weeks, or change the place and time where you drink your coffee. Do you smoke with alcoholic drinks? Alcohol will reduce your willpower, so it’s probably best to avoid those beers and glasses of wine completely for a while if you want to experience how to quit smoking in the easiest way.

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Where to Find Weight Loss Support

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re tackling it by yourself. Weight loss support is really important. With some support from people around you, you’ll be more likely to help yourself to get through the tough points, and you’ll have someone else to show you how far you’ve come.

Humans are naturally social and generally rely on each other for their wellbeing, whether it’s completing a task together or just giving emotional support to one another. This applies even more when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s not easy at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to do it alone. So where are the best places to find support?

Weight Loss Support From Friends And Family

weight loss support from friends

Weight Loss Support

Friends and family are the best people to get support from when you embark on your weight loss journey. After all, they’re the closest people to you and can understand you the best. You may also feel more comfortable sharing your weight loss experience with them.

Make sure you look for someone you trust and are close to when you ask for their support. This can be anyone, for example your best friend or a sibling. You can tell them about your goals and plans for your weight loss efforts so that they can keep you on track. You can also share your difficulties with them when you bump into a wall during your efforts.

If you are not content with just telling your family or friends about your weight goals, you can also get them to actively participate in your efforts. You can ask them to play some sports with you on the weekends, or join you when you go for a jog. Having an exercise buddy is always a good motivation!

Whatever you do, don’t ask someone who doesn’t believe in you and tells you that you can’t do it. Although some people are motivated by negativity, you’ll be far more likely to succeed if you have some positive encouragement from those you know and love.

Weight Loss Support From Weight Loss Programs

If you’re not very comfortable getting support from your friends and family, you can always join a weight loss program or fitness club. By joining a club like this, you can meet others with goals similar to yours. You can befriend many people who go through the same experiences you do, and all of you can encourage each other on your weight loss journeys. It can also be fun to share experiences and ideas on how to lose weight.

Besides getting support from diet plan members or club members, you can also get to know the gym instructors and ask them for guidance on effective weight loss.

The most important point is that you get health and motivation from somewhere. Numerous studies have shown that people are more likely to see success in their weight loss efforts when they track their progress and take advantage of the support of others.

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