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Hand Me a Tissue

I don’t want to start this blog out by saying “I’ve been sick”, because that’s just not fun. It’s April and like clockwork, I’ve got a stuffy nose, itchy ears, piles of tissues everywhere and a cough to come. I haven’t tasted or smelled food in days. Many, many days. It takes the fun out of eating. Lately I just eat because I’m hungry and I have to. That’s a concept!

Last week I started emailing my daily food and calories to my dear friend of a million years and it felt so refreshing to say to someone “guess what? I had two smoothies and a subway sandwich today” without a return comment about balance, or how I should be eating more of this or less of that. Sometimes that’s all I want, peace with imperfection and less justification.

I know that for me, as soon as I start creating rules and rituals about what I should and should not eat, I get into obsessive eating trouble. Not that I don’t aim to have better eating habits, it’s just that so often I find that I create them more out of the approval of other people rather than my own belief system which is balance and moderation.

And that’s that. Moving on.

Edit: And of course, after writing this I go and read this wonderful post by Andie from Can You Stay For Dinner? Her post is so good, and so well written that I want to go to Seattle and give her a parade. Read: The Weight Loss Dilemma. 

My favorite line:

“Please know that there is nothing wrong with eating as cleanly as one can. (If you do and if you strive to- I applaud you.) There is similarly nothing wrong with having Skinny Cow ice cream bars in your freezer beside organic frozen vegetables. (Tell me you have Cool Whip?) There’s nothing wrong with any of it and my bottom line remains: Judging others’ eating styles and deeming food choices as inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ only leaves us feeling and looking ignorant and unenlightened. 

The point of this post, as always, is to let you know that there’s middle ground. And also that I don’t want this blog to exclude anyone who’s hungry. My table serves Kit Kats and kale chips in varying amounts.”

Thank you Andie!

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Lose Weight Quick – Six Simple Ways

It is important to maintain the proper weight if you want to be healthy. People who are overweight are prone to many diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Losing weight does not have to be difficult. There are many simple ways to lose weight quick and help you shed unwanted pounds.

Before starting a weight loss program, you have to set your goals and come up with a game plan. Decide how many pounds you want to lose and how long it will take to reach your goal. A lot of people find it hard to begin a weight loss program, so it’s best to start with easy and simple ways to lose weight quick.

How to Lose Weight Quick

Lose Weight Quick   Six Simple Ways

Lose Weight Quick

1. Eat Wholesome Foods – The best way to lose weight is to avoid greasy, high-calorie junk food and consume only wholesome foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and nuts should make up the bulk of your diet. Foods that contain high amounts of fiber make you feel full longer but have fewer calories. Eating the right foods is a simple way to lose weight fast.

2. Avoid Carbonated Drinks – Soft drinks are high in sugar and calories but contribute very little nourishment to the body. Drink water instead of carbonated drinks. You need 10 to 12 glasses of water every day for your body to function at its best. If you have a craving for food at odd hours of the day, try drinking a glass of water. You may mistakenly think you are hungry when in fact you are only thirsty. Drinking water instead of soft drinks will help you consume fewer calories.

3. Control Your Portions – Portion control is a simple yet often-neglected way to lose weight quick. If you fail to control portion size, you may be eating more than you should. Many people find it too cumbersome to measure food portions every time they eat, but with practice you should be able estimate serving sizes just by looking at the food.

4. Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently – A simple way to lose weight quick is to divide your meals and have 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones a day. Eating more frequently helps maintain your metabolism at a high level and burns more calories.

5. Keep A Food Diary – Carry a small notebook everywhere you go and make a record of the foods you eat, including water. Be sure to include the portion size of each food. This will give you an idea of many calories you consume in a day. Studies have shown that people who keep a food diary wind up eating up to 15% fewer calories than those who don’t.

6. Exercise – A weight loss program is not complete without exercise. The most effective way to lose weight quickly is to exercise regularly. Your exercise regimen should include both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat while strength training helps build muscle mass. Muscles are important for weight loss because they require more calories to maintain than fat does, thereby increasing your metabolism.

Using these six methods are all it takes to lose weight quick. What is critical is to take one idea at a time and add one or more small changes to your lifestyle and you will find that you can in fact make these changes. Each week you add a few little changes and within a month or two you will find that your lifestyle has radically changed.

Making changes over time, I believe, is really the critical part of helping your to lose weight quick.

Lose Weight Quick   Six Simple Ways

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Tricks to Help Lose Weight

No matter what they say losing weight is not easy we are all looking for tricks to help lose weight. A weight loss program will succeed only if you are 100% committed to your goal and are willing to work hard to get rid of your excess pounds. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to lose weight that will make the task easier. With a few simple changes, you can get the ball rolling and start losing weight.

Tricks to Help Lose Weight - Change What You Eat

You are what you eat. If you continue eating high-calorie, high-fat foods, you will never have that lean and trim body you have always wanted. A few simple changes in the food you eat can help you shed pounds.

Reduce your consumption of red meat. Burgers and steaks are high in calories and cholesterol. Instead of red meat, build your meals around chicken, lean pork, and fish. The method of preparation also counts. Avoid deep-fried meats or preparation methods that call for creamy, high-calories sauces. Opt for grilling, steaming, or baking.

Eliminate fried foods. Make healthier choices by grilling, roasting, boiling, or baking to reduce the amount of fat in your foods.

Keep your kitchen stocked with herbs and spices to boost flavor without adding calories.

If you must eat fast foods, choose wisely. Have a grilled chicken sandwich and a salad on the side. Watch the dressing, as it could add unwanted calories.

Start with soup or salad. A fresh salad with vinaigrette dressing or a broth-based soup can help curb your hunger and control portion sizes.

Have some fruit for dessert instead of cake, cookies or ice cream. The natural sugar in fruits will satisfying your craving for sweets while adding fiber, vitamins and minerals to your diet. In time, you’ll learn to forgo high-calorie desserts and reach for healthier fruits instead.

Changing your eating will make a huge difference to how your body metabolizes the food as well as storing fat. You want to make sure that your blood sugar does not fluctuate and and by using these tricks to help lose weight by evening out your diet this will happen.  And finally these changes will help you to not be hungry all day or bloated after big meals.

Tricks to Help Lose Weight - Change What You Drink

Many people are surprised to learn that calories also lurk in beverages and drinks. Cutting back on liquid calories can make a big difference in your weight loss plan. Here are a few tricks to reduce calories in your drinks and help you lose weight.

Tricks to Help Lose Weight

Tricks to Help Lose Weight

Put a ban on soda. Eight ounces of regular Coca Cola contains approximately 97 calories. If you drink several glasses of soda every day, you could easily rack up 500 calories or more of empty calories.

Ditch that diet drink. If you think switching to a diet drink is a smart move, think again. Sugar-free drinks may not help you lose weight after all. Apart from the potential health hazard of artificial sweeteners, diet drinks increase your cravings for sweet foods and can make you binge on high-calorie, sugar-laden foods.

Cut down on alcoholic beverages. They are high in calories and can give you a beer belly. Reduce or eliminate your alcohol consumption.

Drink water. When you are thirsty, drink plenty of water. It quenches your thirst, helps eliminate toxins and waste products in the body, and contributes to overall health. Best of all, it’s calorie-free.

The most important tricks to help lose weight is not exercise but instead what you eat and drink. When changing your diet you need to make sure that you make changes over time and you will find as you make changes that your metabolism will increase all the time.

At the same time your body will not change your leptin levels which would cause your body to start storing more fat. Using all of these eating and drinking tricks to help lose weight should help you to lose weight fast.

Tricks to Help Lose Weight

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