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National Brownie Day

Wow, I had no idea that this even existed but today, December 8th, is National Brownie Day. A day dedicated just to those little cake-like bundles of chocolate. It melts my heart, and makes me want one.

I will try today not to indulge in brownie day

I love brownies, they are terrible for you but sure taste good. Here are some stats

Data curated by HealthGrove

Do you have a favorite brownie from this list? Maybe more importantly do you have a problem with sweets that you are always trying to stay away from them?

I know that the more sweets that you eat the more you crave them. If you are trying to stay away from them then the best plan is to go on a sugar detox for a few days and you will find that those urges that come often will stop.

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Weekly Motivation Checkup

It is very important to keep our motivation and to make changes or at least keep changes in our life that are good while at the same time pushing out bad habits.

The problem that we sometimes run into though is complacency.

The Danger of Complacency

ability motivation atttitudeComplacency always rears its head at the same time that we are working towards some kind of big goal and are part way there.

How many times do you find yourself losing weight, meeting people, getting a better diet going and then you suddenly stop or plateau in your changes?

I have, you have, we all have gotten bored of change

The thing with life is that we interact with people. Some of these people we perceive as better and some we perceive as not quite as good as us and when we make changes we suddenly feel like we have made great changes compared to those around us.

This can make us either get uncomfortable with being so different or think we gotten it all right. Both of these thoughts are dangerous and avoidable.

Let’s stop comparing ourselves with others

OK, so I wanted today to write about a Weekly motivation check, this is something that I borrow from Getting Things Done.

In that book, David Allen wrote about having a Sunday night check of what has happened last week and plan this week. This is critical so that the world does not force you to follow it and instead you take some control over your life.

So take this challenge up for yourself on Sunday. Ask yourself a few questions and YOU get to decide how you are doing, not everyone else

Weekly Fitness Motivation Checkup

Here are the questions from last week:

1. How did I eat everyday? Good? Bad? What did I eat, how did I fail by cheating, how do I feel about me eating overall?

2. How many times did I workout? How hard was each workout? Did I get more cardio or weights in?

3. How was my rest? Have I kept free time for myself? Are there things in my life keeping me too busy that should not have done?

4. Who was I looking at for motivation in areas of my life? Did I listen to others or my own body telling me what to do?

Here are the questions for the week to come. Remember these are based on the answers from the questions above.

1. Based on last weeks eating, Can I take it up a notch, can I plan my eating better? How can I avoid the cheating or want of bad foods?

2. What is my workout schedule? How can I make it better? Do I need easier workouts? Harder workouts? More or fewer days off? Would work out at a different time of day help?

3. How will I make sure that I take care of myself this week? Go to dinner? Go to a movie? Read a different book? Meet some new friends? Step outside my comfort zone socially?

4. How can I improve myself in all the different parts of my life? What one part of my life is really lacking and what will I do this week to improve that.

Eight Questions? Twenty questions? Not quite sure how many that adds up to but it is really just a starting point for you.

The idea, of course, is to take a snapshot in time (Sunday Night) for just a few minutes and see what is working and not working in your life and decide how you will push it harder this coming week to live a more exciting life full of joy, passion, happiness, and excitement.

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How To Treat Depression

Depression is a very debilitating condition. While treatments are many and readily available, the stigma of depression makes it difficult for some to get the help that they need.

Learning how to treat depression is actually a simple question to answer. It starts by accepting that you have depression and realizing that you need professional help to manage and treat it.

Psychiatric Help for Depression

Psychiatric care is one of the ways to treat depression for those that suffer from it. It is a classical way of managing depression especially for those that have traumatic events as a root cause of depression.

Talking with a psychiatrist makes it possible to recognize the events that cause depression and look for ways to deal with them. By expressing your feelings, you will be able to voice out the things that are causing you to be sad, angry or stressed.

How To Treat Depression

How To Treat Depression

In turn, these professionals can help you manage depression by coming to terms with your own problems.

They empower you to act towards solving your problems and showing you how you can deal with and take control of your lives. Doing so leads to healthier relationships with others and with yourself.

Medication for Depression

Along with therapy, medication is also a way to treat depression. There are several prescription antidepressants which one can take to stabilize moods.

Relaxants and other medication can also help in dealing with chemical imbalances which can be the cause of depression.

While it was initially perceived with apprehension, medication for treating depression has been credited with helping many people manage and overcome this disorder. It is important to note that any medication should be done under the supervision of a professional doctor.

Self-medication can often do more harm in cases like these.

Alternative Medicine and Lifestyle Changes

Herbal medicine and holistic approaches such as yoga, acupuncture, and spa or massage sessions can also cure depression in a natural way.

These treatment methods done in conjunction with medical prescriptions can improve the well-being of a person that suffers from depression.

A lifestyle change to incorporate healthier activities is also important in how to treat depression.

By exercising regularly and eating healthy food, you can lower the risk of getting depression as well as make it easier for the body to overcome it.

There are many methods of treating depression which gives hope to those that suffer from it. Depression is no longer a feared disorder, it just needs to be diagnosed and treated the right way.

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