I love reading the posts that are popping up recapping 2010 and looking forward to 2011. I looked in my archives for my goals for this past year and couldn’t find anything. I’m sure I wrote something down, but I know one of my main goals was to branch out on my own career-wise. And I did that. I created goals as the year progressed and just went with it.

My best friend Ashley asked us all at our Christmas get-together what we have planned for 2011 and I didn’t have a real answer then. There were things floating around in my head, but nothing concrete. I have some goals that I feel like I must do to progress and other goals that I’d like to strive for, but okay if it’s not perfectly executed.

Off the top of my head here are some things that I want to accomplish and strive for in 2011. Some are vague, and some require more planning:

- Get dressed every day. Working from home allows for a lot of PJ work, which on occasion is nice. I like to be comfortable when I’m at home, but would like to take time in the mornings and get ready for the day. I would also like to photograph daily outfits on this blog for motivation and inspiration.

- Let go of sugar. This is my biggest goal for the year and the one I’m most excited about. I will allow treats on my birthday, anniversary and christmas. If I want a treat it will be in the form of fruit, like whipped frozen bananas or date-nut balls.

- Run a 5k in under 45 minutes and/or run a 5k straight through without walking. Our first 5k this year is march 19th, and will do one again at the end of April. Having a goal makes training have more purpose and I like that.

- Work smarter and harder. Say no. Time Management. From May up until this weekend I’ve had somewhere to be, something to do, something I was cramming for and while I do work best with a deadline, I want to space projects out more. I want to stop cramming empty slots of time with stuff that isn’t productive for me. I’ve gotten better at saying “no” this year. I need time to decompress. I very much enjoy time when I do absolutely nothing, but I want to balance it out with better planning and scheduling. I want to get better at waiting until the last minute to make things happen.

- Finish the bedroom. I want to get this room finished by my birthday. Clothes organized and put away, decorated, and just a nicer room to sleep in.

-ooh! Just thought of another one: cook more! I cook a decent amount, but I’d really love to plan ahead more and try out new recipes.

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