Lumera Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2017): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Lumera Eye Cream is an eye treatment that claims it will help users repair damaged skin cells—reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with use. The makers of this product claim that the product will reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Lumera Eye Cream is made by a company that claims the product is made from a special form of lavender oil and is infused with diamonds. Additionally, this product is made with amino acids, shea butter and more.

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Lumera Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

There’s a lot of information circulating the web about Lumera Eye Cream, but we couldn’t find the official website. Per a reviewer’s blog, we found a list of ingredients, but no image of the official label. Here’s a look at some of the key components mentioned:

Shea Butter: Shea butter comes from the shea nut tree and is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. This ingredient is known for its ability to reduce inflammation with use, and is highly moisturizing—perfect for dry or damaged skin. Shea butter may also be effective for repairing skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Diamond Powder: Diamond powder is sometimes used as a skin brightener, due to its ability to gently exfoliate the skin. On top of that, diamonds may have a diffusing effect on the skin.

Asparagopsis Armata Extract: This ingredient is derived from seaweed and is rich in antioxidants. Seaweed contains amino acid, vitamins and minerals and is thought to improve texture, acne and slow the effects of aging.

Lavender Extract: Lavender is primarily used for its scent, not so much its benefits for the skin. Lavender is rich in antioxidants, but it may irritate sensitive skin.

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Lumera Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Lumera Eye Cream is designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. The primary ingredients offer a blend of antioxidant repair, as well as dark circle reduction.

The active ingredients look to be okay, but overall we don’t quite know what the contents of this product actually are. Things like diamond powder are likely present to drive up the perceived value of the product—perhaps justifying the reported price point of $90+ a jar.

What’s worth pointing out is, that sure, things like peptides and seaweed truly have some amazing benefits, but we don’t know what else is present. There’s the possibility that this product contains only trace amounts of the active ingredients listed on the site—there’s also the possibility the product features unwanted chemicals or things that may irritate the skin.

Additionally, we’re not sure why this product prides itself on using lavender as a skin care ingredient. While it has some relaxing benefits associated with its scent, it may be highly irritating when applied to the skin.

The web copy used to describe this product and its benefits feels a little out of touch; especially the points where the writer touts the benefits of diamond powder and lavender extract. It feels a little hyped up to us—we’d like to see more in terms of science backing the use of these items.

For now, we likely wouldn’t recommend this product to readers.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Lumera Eye Cream

Unfortunately, we were unable to find official pricing information for Lumera Eye Cream. It seems there is no dedicated website for the product and consumers

Shopping through Amazon, for example will shave a few dollars off your order, as it is currently being offered for $81.96. Unfortunately, this item is not Prime-eligible.

This product is also sold through a number of smaller third-party channels, typically for about $82 a pop. We’re not sure we can justify spending $80-90 on Lumera Eye Cream. We just weren’t all that impressed with the formula.

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Business of Lumera Eye Cream

Lumera Eye Cream is likely made and distributed by Premium Garcinia Cambogia Slim Inc. Here is the contact information, as posted on the official site:

Phone: 888-312-6659

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the official website for Lumera Eye Cream. The makers of this product still have some YouTube videos posted, but it seems they may have taken the site down.

Still standing, however, are many websites full of claims against the company that makes (or made) this product. RipOff Report, Complaint Board, the Better Business Bureau and many more have pages upon pages of posts detailing the exploitative nature of this company.

Here are a few examples of some of the comments people shared on these consumer reporting platforms:

“I ordered the free trial of Lumera, as well a face cream. Shortly thereafter, I was charged $195 for both products, unauthorized charges I was unaware of.  I had to cancel my credit card to stop charges.”

“I think this company goes by a different name now. I can’t find the site any more. But, I’ll say this—these people are pros at dodging questions, avoiding calls and shifting blame.”

“This is a scam. I was told I could try this product for free and ended up owing over $200 for products I didn’t even order. Stay away from this company!”

What’s more is, this company’s abuses extend beyond the realm of fraudulent eye creams and facial serums. This company has made countless pages—starting with the infamous Garcinia Cambogia scam—that trap people in endless payment cycles—charging nearly $100 a month per container.

These products are advertised on Facebook and YouTube, where consumers are provided with links that then prompt them to sign up for the free trial. Signing up for these trials automatically enrolls consumers in an ongoing billing cycle, and it’s often quite challenging to get out of these arrangements.

Our advice to consumers is to steer clear of anything that requires an ongoing commitment without first providing basic information.

Customer Opinions of Lumera Eye Cream

Lumera Eye Cream had several reviews in regards to their deceptive marketing tactics and poor customer service practices, but none that mentioned whether or not this product actually works.

People mentioned that this product was far more expensive than they were anticipating, especially given that a monthly supply costs consumers $90.

As a point of reference, a $90 eye cream generally comes with a long description, detailing higher end ingredients—as in order to justify the price point—you’ll need to know about what makes it special.

Unfortunately, we simply cannot recommend a product with no documented evidence of efficacy. We don’t know if the product does anything to hydrate, plump or erase crow’s feet, as promised. We also don’t know if it contains any ingredients that irritate sensitive skin or petroleum products that consumers may not want in their skin care products.

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Conclusion – Does Lumera Eye Cream Work?

Lumera Eye Cream, like many other products we’ve encountered, appears to be a marketing scheme aimed at hooking people into an automatic payment cycle.

All signs point to trouble. This company has not listed any of the ingredients used to make this product, nor have they made a reasonable pricing structure available to potential shoppers. Think about it this way, if a company has to dupe people into buying an item, it likely isn’t all that great.

Any company that fails support their customers is bad news, and the people behind Lumera Eye Cream are a really poor example of marketing, sales and customer service practices.

We strongly suggest doing some research before buying a product without any reviews, or one that fails to provide basic information about the formula used to make it. In the case of Lumera Eye Cream—users don’t know what they’re getting in the mail, making this something of a risky buy. The risk extends beyond the bank account, too. Without first looking at a label, you might be exposing your skin to allergens, petroleum products or unwanted preservatives and drying filler ingredients.

Kremovage is made from a blend of proven botanical ingredients like ocean-sourced retinol, green tea, peptides and fruit extract—offering a protective eye cream that replenishes dry cells and restores the firmness and elasticity lost to age and environmental damage.

Kremovage was made in a certified lab facility and was designed to help consumers find a gentle, yet potent solution to unwanted wrinkles and sagging under eye skin. Click the link to read more about getting started with Kremovage.


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Ten Commonly Used Natural Ingredients & Their Benefits

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