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What is Mindset and Weight Loss?

I found this great article from Michelle Hastie who is a fitness and lifestyle coach on the power of mindset when you are trying to lose weight and wanted to share it with you today. I believe (as does Arnold Schwarzenegger) that any kind of body transformation is 90% mental. Get your head in the right place and you can make huge changes.

I used to tell people that, “I help women entrepreneurs lose weight by mastering their mindset”… I say used to because what has become clear to me is that most people don’t truly understand what it means to master their mindset.

What is Mindset and Weight Loss?Mindset to many people means how much they are willing to push through or have willpower. They say, “Oh Michelle you are so right, mindset is the most important thing because you have to be able to fight your mind when it tells you to eat cake, or take a nap instead of the gym.” To me this is not mastering your mindset it is mastering your will. This comes in handy if you are competing or on a reality show trying to win a million dollars by standing on one foot the longest. This is not real life.. unless you plan to be in competition mode forever.

What is the Truth About Mindset and Weight Loss you ask?

To master your mindset for weight loss you must have mastery over your thoughts, your beliefs and your patterns. In other words, you want mastery over who you are “being” not what you are “doing.”

This takes extreme consciousness… you cannot run on auto-pilot or you will continue getting the same results you have always gotten. You also have to be extremely honest about where you are and where you want to go. This means if you hate running up and down those damn stairs you can’t use that as your tool to overcome your mindset because all that will teach you is how much will power you have… it will not change your thoughts about it, your beliefs about it or your patterns for real weight loss results that last. You cannot go from hating the stairs to loving the stairs by forcing yourself to run them each day. You either change who you are being and become someone who truly loves running stairs deep down or you accept that stairs aren’t your thing and there are million other ways to move.

When it comes down to it, most people will only force themselves to run those stairs because they believe if they push through the weight will come off their body. While this may work for some, it won’t work for most long term because you can only fool yourself for so long. The truth always comes out and it always sets you free.

So, it’s time to ask yourself…

Do you want to master your mindset or do you want to master willpower?

If you want to master your willpower I can write out a year long exercise and eating plan for you and you can see how religious you can be following it. It leaves no wiggle room and if you have an unexpected party or dinner it will throw everything off. If you get invited to Mexico the whole plan will be messed up and frankly it’s extremely unrealistic and will not last long term.

Find out who you are “being” right now that is creating you current results. Your thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Decide who you want to become and write out what this person would think, believe and what patterns they would have. Become this person immediately. Be conscious in your days to notice when you slip back in to the old way of being. Eventually this new way of being will simply be who you are. You will automatically think the thoughts of someone who is at their goal weight. You will have the beliefs of someone who never struggles with their weight and you will run patterns automatically that are in alignment with your highest goals.

Which one sounds better to you?

If you are ready to master your mindset try out our home study program “The 7 Ways to Lose Weight While Living Your Life” Have fun “being” someone who automatically loses weight while living an incredible life.

As a Mindset Mentor and Results Coach, Michelle Hastie teaches conscious entrepreneurs how to live their absolute truth in order to live in their ideal bodies forever. If your body isn’t you, then your negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns aren’t you either. It’s time to change who you are being in order to live your most incredible life, in a body you love.



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Biggest Loser Finale Season 14

Last night my family and I watched the finale of the Biggest Loser and it was fun to watch. I never find that I learn much from these finales but instead it is a celebration of how far the contestants have come in the 12 weeks of the show and the time at home. There was Danni crowned as the big winner by a single pound over Jeff and Gina was the at home winner and was within a pound or two of Danni as well.

It was great seeing the transformation of the people that were there this season. The kids of course are easy to recognize as changed as they get a bit older and I always believe that kids, even though they are still resistant to change will change anyway given the opportunity (more than us adults.

Biggest Loser Finale Season 14The kids sure looked great and they seemed to be so put together compared to most adults. Having a couple kids really makes me excited to see the opportunity that these three kids got even if it was probably way more public than they would have liked.

People like Gina and Pam had a real angry streak going in and once they let go they were not nearly as aggressively defensive as they were before. Joe seemed like the classic big cocky dude at the beginning but was much better at the end and Francelina still had giant hair in the finale.

In fact all the Biggest Losers changed – for the better.

The thing that changed this time and always seems to change is that the contestants start out having had to defend their lifestyle and abilities and choices. By the end of the season they see that these things don’t matter, they don’t have to define themselves in a small little box and instead can decide at anytime that they will change in any way.

Biggest Loser Finale Season 14

How do you feel about that? It makes me cringe personally. Makes me realize how low we all set the bar in life.

We all tend to like to see the lowly Biggest Loser people at the start suffering because we know that they will be victorious in the end and they will change in many ways. The trouble is that sometimes we rely on living their change vicariously through the TV instead of making these changes in ourselves.

So last night Danni won, and when she only beat Joe by 1 pound I was still shaking my head that their are no losers in that group at all. Everyone that came out this season fought through the pain, the eating, the diet changes, and came out the other side as real winners.

This still makes me really excited about this show. There are lots of things behind the scenes that I am sure that we don’t get to see and the fact that people are losing 100 pounds or more in just a few weeks is crazy enough only to be shown on TV and not terribly realistic but that is OK to see.

What I really loved again this season was seeing all of the changes and the inspiration that all of us can make changes at any time in our lives even though we tend not to do what we should.

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Be Healthy to Look Healthy

As I sit typing this it is the middle of March and even though there is a bit of snow falling I know we are about a month from the beginning of Spring.

I know I am not the only one that knows we are close to the end of the Winter and trying also to get ready physically for Spring. Every year I want to make sure that I am in better shape in Spring than I was the year before and this year is no different.

Everyday it feels tough to go to the gym but I know that the outdoor fitness is just around the corner. I am really not a fan of getting all my exercise indoors so the sooner Spring gets here the sooner I can get out and have fun.

Be Healthy to Look Healthy

So keep working hard. work harder today than yesterday and remember that we are just a few weeks from getting out in the Summer and having fun!

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