Gaiam Yoga For Weight Loss Kit

Gaiam Yoga For Weight Loss Kit

Ignite your metabolism and increase endurance with this fat-burning yoga workout with Jill Miller. Uniquely designed 3 lb. push-up weights add resistance to help you lose weight faster. The ergonomic weights are integrated into each pose in this 60 minute workout to heat up your body for ultra-efficient toning and fat burning. The round bolster helps add support to poses and with its unique rounded shape, can be used as a comfortable seat during the post-workout meditation. Made in China. A Gaiam Exclusive! Includes two 3lb push-up weights that add resistance for increased fat burning and weight loss. Includes multi-purpose rounded foam bolster that supports you in poses and can be used for post-workout meditation. 60
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3 thoughts on “Gaiam Yoga For Weight Loss Kit

  1. This kit is an offering from lifestyle company Gaiam and yoga instructor Jill Miller. Although Miller’s name may not yet be immediately recognizable, she has quickly developed a strong fan base built on both her personally-produced DVD series, Yoga Tune-Up, and her subsequent collaboration with Pranamaya. Miller is known for her knowledge of anatomy and movement and her ability to impart this knowledge while teaching yoga. Here she takes her teachings a step further than ever before by adding a strength training component designed to facilitate weight loss.

    The Yoga for Weight Loss Workout Kit includes three components: the workout DVD (in a simple cardboard sleeve), two 3-pound purple handled “push-up” weights, and a round purple 8″ x 3″ foam yoga block (Gaiam calls this a “bolster,” but Miller refers to it as the “disk” during the workouts). The DVD contains two workouts, each just over 30 minutes in length. Miller describes the first workout, Functional Strengthening, as a session to focus on toning the buttocks, core, and arms. For the second workout, Kinetic Conditioning, she states that you will be “consciously sweating.” Finally, the DVD also includes “Core Connect,” a bonus abs segment. All three sessions are filmed outdoors, and Miller is teaching in bare feet, with the only other equipment needed being a yoga mat.

    This kit definitely offers something from Jill Miller that we haven’t seen before. She does an excellent job of staying true to her yoga roots while still providing challenging, strength-focused workouts. I’m not convinced that these workouts would be likely to produce weight loss per se, but they could certainly be the foundation of a beginning strength program. Furthermore, even more advanced exercisers will likely benefit from Miller’s skill in taking the body through unique ranges of motion and providing superb functional training. Although some of the moves in these workouts are probably a bit too demanding for new exercisers, overall, Miller is quite accessible, and I would recommend the Yoga for Weight Loss Kit to a fairly wide audience.

  2. I just like yoga as it retain me healthy and energetic. At the beginning it was hard for me, but immediately after I get used with workout. I am exercising everyday after work.

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