ListeningThis album has been my work sound track since it’s recent release. Nice job Bon, nice job. My favorite song is Minnesota. WI.

Reading: Over vacation I read Delirium by Lauren Oliver and cannot recommend it enough if you liked The Hunger Games. Not that they are similar, but in that “the world is messed up, young love” sort of way. Oh, please read it so I can talk about it with someone. And now I’m re-reading The Great Gatsby, it just feels like the right thing to do.

Eating: I’m working on creating new go-to meals that are low in calories, filling, real food, flavorful and ethnic inspired. Case in point: today’s lunch was under 200 calories, 198 to be exact. Bonus: the cucumbers were from our garden.

1/3 chicken breast cooked in a touch of olive oil and jerk seasoning. yogurt sauce made with whole plan yogurt, dill, garlic and seas salt. fresh cucumbers. 1/2 C garlic and olive oil couscous.

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