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Quick weight loss on a vegan diet?

Is this the correct Diet for Weight Loss?

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What foods should I avoid (as a vegan) lose weight?

I've been a vegan for over a year, but I see no significant weight loss (not that I'm vegan for weight loss …), And I wonder should I leave my food to see some results. Can anyone give me some ideas? And it would be nice if you had a source so I know you do not do things just over the top of your head.
  Thank you.

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Have you lost weight being vegan?

I just started being vegan and my four reasons are:
  1] To help the animals and the environment
  2] Spiritually, I believe that God does not make me eat the animals.
  3] weight loss and health.
  4] I can not eat meat from what I saw. . . I am very sensitive.
  In no particular order. . . they are all roughly equal to me.
  I just want to know if someone had lost significant weight on a vegan diet. Please tell me what you did!

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I am not very heavy at the start (I weigh only 110 pounds), and my parents were worried I would lose weight too if I went to a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  Is there a difference in weight loss between the transition to a vegetarian diet from a vegan diet?

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