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Help me with my diet. . . no weight loss diets. . . please this is serious and really URGENTTTT!?
  Right now I am recovering bulimia and binge eating MAJOR. I gained about 7-8 kg in one week because of my constant cravings and not be able to stop. I had anorexia and weighed about 80 pounds around January, but right now I'm 90 (but the highest, I recently was 97, but my weight was yo yoing lately). I am 5'1 and its 15th anniversary this summer.
  Last summer, I was 110 pounds and ate whatever the hell I wanted, but then I lost 30 pounds (anorexia) and then my mother took me to the doctor and it made me gain weight.
  Of all my cravings, my stomach has expanded MYCH soo that I can literally eat 3 pieces of pizza, pasta, protein bar, and ice cream and not complete at all! I used to get lots of eating and drinking some OJ with a cup of soup. I want this time, but I can not stop eating.
  Please do not tell me to gain more weight since I'm still underweight because reallyy binging if I continue at this pace, I'll be overweight reallly soon! I am constantly bloated. I hate it. I am also a vegetarian and wants to become a vegan sometime.
  Please can someone help. . . .

I heard that vegans stay slim naturally without counting calories because they have great tokin or bad food (because food of animal origin not more goods is healthy).
  So if Im trying to lose weight with a vegan diet, do I really need to count calories? (If yes, how do I get every day?)
  Thank you:]
  PS) * Im strictly vegan will not loose weight, Im from animal rights reasons and general health, weight loss is just a bonus!

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Raw Food Weight Loss

One of the biggest desires in America or the world for that matter is to lose weight. But for some reason, for many people it is very difficult to lose weight, no matter what they try. Well one of the main reasons for this may be that they eat the wrong foods. These foods include processed foods in May, soda, starchy foods, high meats and greasy foods to name a few. What all these foods have in common? They are not raw fruits or vegetable, that's what. Many raw fruits and vegetables have great properties for fat burning that you lose the weight you want in record time. So if you want to lose weight, try replacing some of the foods mentioned above with some raw foods.
  Some of the best raw foods, you can obviously eat fruits and vegetables, but there are others such as seeds, nuts, grains, beans and cabbage. If you try to lose weight quickly, you want to know about some raw foods that have the best properties of burning fat and calories. For fruit, these are apples, grapefruit, mangoes, pears, peaches, lemons and cherries. These vegetables are excellent for a morning or an afternoon snack in the afternoon half of these attacks to avert hunger. For vegetables, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, cucumber, red pepper, mushrooms and cauliflower are all great foods to help promote the burning of fat and calories. Regarding additions as herbs, leaves, garlic and parsley are great for your raw food to add an extra touch. A big meal that I found the coleslaw is also often called after the Chinese chicken salad. This salad is made primarily of cabbage, nuts and other vegetables and spices. The key to losing weight on a raw food is to find meals and snacks that you like and eat often.
  The best part about a diet of raw foods is that you know that you put very healthy foods in your body and therefore emit more quickly the pounds that you've never done before. For an even better result by working at least 20 minutes every day or every couple days will help to lay the books faster. While on a raw food you will also want to drink plenty of fluids, namely water. You can also drink a hundred percent natural fruit juice as long as you know it is not treated. Odwalla is a company that sells high juice juice natural fruit juices that you may want to extract. You may also consider using a juice extractor to express some delicious concoctions. One of my favorite concoctions burning fat is the apple, carrot and orange. Juice of three delicious raw food together and it is almost safe to drink as a dessert.
  If you decide to try a diet of raw foods to help your weight loss, the best thing to do is do your research, then decide what type of foods and meals that you like most. Once you've established a plan, just have fun with it and do not be afraid to get a little creative with your raw foods. Before you know it will be easier to pay those pounds that you never thought possible.

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