Panic Away Review

Recently I ran across a product called Panic Away which is supposed to help those suffering from panic and anxiety. Only someone who has suffered a panic attack knows how frightening it can be.  This anxiety disorder is difficult to understand, and even the sufferer has no idea how or why the panic attack started.  Medication can help some people, but those who are wary of prescription drugs may want an alternative solution.

Panic Away is a multi-item set that can help individuals who suffer from anxiety disorder and panic attacks.  Panic Away will teach you How to Stop Panic Attacks and End General Anxiety.

What is Panic Away?

Panic Away Review

panic away review

Panic Away is sold as a multi-set package consisting of a paperback, CDs and DVDs.  This product is said to help people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.  The technique used in this anxiety management product is closely similar to cognitive behavior therapy.

How Does Panic Away Work?

The Panic Away program teaches that the first thing you have to do to eliminate panic attacks is to eliminate the fear of having another one.  Your brain is the source of your fears, and you must teach your brain to get rid of the fears that trigger a panic attack.  A panic attack is incredibly frightening and confusing.  You have no control over your body and your emotions.  Panic Away by Barry McDonagh shows you how to deal with the problem at the source so that you will be able to stop the panic attack from happening in the first place.  If a panic attack does occur, you will know how to stop it immediately.

Panic Away Program Has 3 Stages

The Panic Away program avoids the use of medications.  It consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Trust.  The first stage uses a special technique called the 21-7 Technique to stop your panic attack.

Stage 2: Accept.  This involves a series of exercises to help calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety.

Stage 3: Persist.  Anxiety disorders cannot be cured instantaneously.  This stage teaches you how to ensure long-term and full recovery.

Panic Away Breaks The Cycle Of Anxiety

Panic Away Review

The Panic Away book explains that a panic attack usually starts when a person is exhausted, either physically, mentally, or emotionally.   This is when a person’s mind becomes sensitized and susceptible to nervous anxiety.  People will start to fixate on the unusual sensations they feel, and their fear will feed on itself and trigger a panic attack.

Panic Away teaches that you must take control of your mind and stop feeding your fear.  This may be easier said than done, but the Panic Away program provides exercises and techniques to help you achieve inner peace and calm.

A panic attack can be so traumatic that it will leave a permanent imprint on a person’s psyche.  It creates a loop of anxiety where a person develops a fear of having another panic attack.  Unfortunately, it is this very fear that can cause another panic attack.

To break this cycle of anxiety, Panic Away teaches the “21-7 Technique” or “One Move Technique” to help you get a normal life back.

The 21-7 Technique

The 21-7 Technique, also called the “One Move Technique”, is the foundation of the Panic Away program.  It is based on cognitive psychology and has a scientific basis.

This technique is simple and can be implemented in any situation.  The first element of this technique is the 21-second countdown which stops the panic attack.  The second element is the 7-minute exercise, which is done to significantly reduce the feelings of anxiety.

Mental and Physical Exercises

The Panic Away program also provides mental and physical exercises designed to help you control and manage your anxious thoughts and feelings.  It is important to do these exercises if you want to reduce your panic attacks.

Become Anxiety-Free

Treating an anxiety disorder cannot be done overnight.  Barry McDonagh’s program helps you understand and accept the sensations that come with the disorder.  Panic Away keeps you focused on your goal to become anxiety-free.  You will realize that there’s a long road ahead of you but Panic Away will help boost your confidence and provide the assurance that a full recovery is possible.


  • Teaches strategies and techniques to deal with panic attacks
  • Helps you identify and understand your fears
  • Methods are tried and tested; they also have a scientific basis
  • Does not use prescription medications


  • Not suitable for patients with severe forms of anxiety disorder
  • Requires 100% commitment; instructions must be followed exactly
  • Expensive ($67 for digital copy, $30 more delivered to your house)

What Customers Say

Panic Away ReviewAlthough there are some negative feedbacks on Panic Away by Barry McDonagh, overall the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones.  Customers say they experienced excellent results with the program.

A number of customers expressed concern that some of the testimonials on the product’s official site may not be valid.  There is also some confusion over the name of the author, which is given as Barry McDonagh in some sites and Joe Barry in others.

Many people, however, report that Panic Away has helped them overcome their anxieties, giving them a feeling of confidence that they have never felt before, and all this without the use of anti-anxiety drugs.  At $69, Panic Away does not come cheap but may be worth it if it helps with your anxiety disorder.

Panic Away Review

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The Basics of Healthy Detox

It’s easy to distinguish a healthy detox plan from an unhealthy one ? how it feels. And for each detox plan, there’s someone out there whose body will respond in a positive way and someone who will respond to the same plan in a negative way. Everyone’s body and lifestyle is different, so research carefully before you embark on the process.

The basics of a healthy detox plan mainly involve eating healthy foods to produce a healthy outcome. You should have an abundance of energy and never feel hungry. If you’ve been consuming an unhealthy diet, you may experience cravings or withdrawals, but those should pass in a short amount of time.

There are 3, 7 and 21-day detox plans and even 1 day plans, depending on your lifestyle. Some ask you to drink a liquid diet for at least one day and take a laxative to flush out the toxins. For some, this is too drastic — to ease into the plan is a much better option. And always check on your overall health before embracing any severe diet plan.

When you decide upon a healthy detox plan, it’s important that it’s at the right time in your life. You should plan to have as few distractions as possible during the beginning phase, so that means you should time it so that you can slow down, meditate and avoid the triggers (television and stress) that cause you to consume food mindlessly.

Among the basics of a healthy detox plan is to break away from unhealthy foods. You probably already know what they are:

· Alcohol and drugs ? Check with your doctor before you quit taking prescription drugs, but basically ? don’t drink alcohol or take over the counter drugs during the detoxification process.

· Don’t eat unhealthy foods ? Stay away from allergy-promoting foods, those that contain additives and unhealthy fats. Don’t eat meat during the detox plan. It can contain harmful hormones and other additives.

· Dairy and soy products ? Eggs and milk often contain antibiotics, causing digestive problems. Rather than soy, choose nuts and grains to get your protein requirements.

· Processed foods ? Products made with white flour and processed grains can cause an allergic reaction ? and they also contaminate your immune system.

· Don’t use saturated fats or hydrogenated oils in cooking ? Use healthy oils instead, such as olive and sesame oils.

· Avoid drinking carbonated beverages. Instead, drink pure, filtered water ? and plenty of it.

When you’re researching for a healthy detox plan, keep in mind the word, ‘natural.’ If you can’t say that a food is natural, don’t eat it.

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Eliminate Toxins With the Master Cleanse Diet

Cleansing your body of the dangerous toxins that clog your digestive tract and sabotage your immune system may be the first step you want to take to lose weight and restore your health. The Master Cleanse plan also claims to get rid of cravings that you may have developed from drinking alcohol, coffee and tea and taking certain prescription drugs or smoking.

Basically, the Master Cleanse program entails a very strict diet plan where you only drink fluids made of fresh fruits and vegetables ? and lots of water. No solid food is allowed during the 10-day cleansing period, but can be extended for a longer amount of time, if desired. There are three phases to the Master Cleanse program ? Ease In, Lemonade Diet and Ease Out.

The Ease In phase of the Master Cleanse diet is planned to prepare your stomach and mind for smaller amounts of food, but the fresh fruits and vegetables that you’re allowed to eat satisfies sufficiently so that you don’t feel constantly starved. During Phase 1, you won’t be able to eat processed foods and meat.

Phase 2 is the Lemonade Diet portion of the Master Cleanse program. During this phase you’ll need to produce a bowel movement by one of the recommended methods of ingesting a laxative tea or performing a Salt Water Flush. Since you’re not eating digestible foods, this portion of the Master Cleanse Diet is important to get rid of the toxins that have been accumulating in your body.

The Lemonade part of the Master Cleanse plan requires that you prepare a potion of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in two quarts of water. This mixture will last all day, so you can divide the portions accordingly. At the end of the day, you’ll flush out your system with the Salt Water Flush to remove unhealthy toxins from your body, including your colon.

Easing Out of the Master Cleanse is essential to the entire cleansing process. This phase includes a gradual easing out of the program while introducing new foods to your body. After enduring a thorough cleansing of your system, you don’t want to begin eating processed food or meat. Not only is this harmful to your body, but the heaviness of these food types may make you sick.

This diet plan will help you lose unwanted pounds and also will rid your body of toxins such as metals, pesticides, hormones that are ingested through food products, drugs and chemicals. You’ll feel an immediate burst of energy after the Master Cleanse because your system is working properly.
Although the Master Cleanse program involves pre-planning and willpower, it can give you a jump start on a weight loss or detoxification plan.

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