pbpanini Carry On

Yesterday’s breakfast was a peanut butter and jelly panini with a serving of Noosa raspberry yogurt, almond slivers and strawberries. I’m loving this yogurt and I only have one serving left! noooooo. The panini was really good, though messy. I found these panini flat breads over the weekend and just cut it in fourths, spread peanut butter and jam on the middle and toasted in the skillet for a few minutes.

soup Carry On

I made another batch of soup from yesterday and had a large bowl of it for lunch. This one was just as good and now I have leftovers for today. I’m looking for a tomato soup now, preferably without a lot of cream, does anyone have a recipe?

blueberrypancake Carry On

For early dinner I had two pancakes made with Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Mix. I added a handful of frozen blueberries and topped with butter and agave maple syrup. Blueberries make the best pancake mixers!

bananasoftserve Carry On

For late dinner I had peanut butter and chocolate banana soft serve. Just two frozen bananas, 1 T peanut butter, 1 T cocoa pureed in the food processor. Just like soft serve! Best invention ever, thank you internet.

No exercise yesterday. I have no real excuse. Felt under the weather, down, wonky knee…the usual. Will exercise today, no excuses.

I’ve been losing weight and it feels really good. I’m doing my best to just put my head down and keep going. So often, in the beginning stages of losing weight,  I start getting excited. I start thinking, I’ve got this. And then I get confident and I stop doing what I’m doing to reach my goals, and I quickly go from I got this to what the heck just happened? I get in my head. So I’m just trusting my process, in that trust comes record keeping.

Along with this blog, I keep a detailed journal by my side. I write down everything. And I’m doing this so I can go back and see what worked and what didn’t. I’m using it for those weeks when I don’t lose weight, or when I lose a lot of weight. So I can see exactly what’s going on. Sometimes weight gain is just a salty meal or not keeping an accurate record. And so many times I’ve let those little things upset me when the scale shows a bump and think, why try? And that’s crap. Forest for the trees!

I don’t want to use this expression, but it’s fitting for how I feel: Keep Calm and Carry On. Just trusting that I’m doing the right thing and that yes I’m losing weight and that yes I have to do this everyday and no it’s not killing me, and yes I can have what I want, and no I can’t have everything I want and yes I can make switches and I’m okay. I know that if I want a blueberry pancake for dinner, I’m going to eat vegetable soup for lunch. And I can do that and still lose weight. I’m losing weight. Whew!

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