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How to Build a Stronger Grip

As a lifter you always want to know how to build a stronger grip. Whether hanging from a tree branch over a yawning chasm, or simply shaking hands with an idiot who decides to squeeze your fingers as hard as he can, having a strong grip can be key.

Certain exercises like the deadlift require you to have strong hands simply to be able to lift the , and a strong grip can come in useful in a range of situations, from home repair to climbing, from throat strikes to holding on to your dog’s leash as he lunges for the neighbor’s cat.

So how to get that killer grip? These 6 exercises will help you develop the grip you’ve always wanted.

How to Build A Stronger Grip

build a stronger grip

Build a Stronger Grip

Whether benching, doing free curls or any other exercise that requires you to grip a bar, simply increase the diameter of said bar by wrapping a towel around it.

Your hand will need to work extra hard to maintain its grip, and that will prove to be an excellent way to gradually build up your strength.

Dumbell Hang – Take hold of a pair of dumbbells by their ends, and then simply hold them for as long as you can, optimally 60 seconds. Try to use the heaviest set you can grip for that minute, and then simply latch on and hold.

If that’s not enough, try to do an arm curl on top of it all.

Pinch Plates – This one is tricky, so don’t overestimate your strength when performing them. Standing straight, pinch two light plates by your side, holding them together simply with your fingers. Then, without moving your elbows, lift them as close to your shoulders as you can, and then slowly lower them.

Try to do ten reps, and then switch hands.

Farmer’s Walk – Picture yourself en route to market. You’ve got a bucket in each hand, and several miles to go. You’re going to need a killer grip to keep those buckets up the whole way, and that’s what this exercise mimics.

Grab yourself a pair of heavy dumbbells (something really challenging, like 70lbs), and then walk a 100 yards or so before setting them down.

This is one of the best ways to develop excellent grip strength!

Hanging Man – This one is simple, but will test your endurance if you manage to hold on long enough. Simply find a pull-up bar, and then hang from it, straight armed. Don’t sway, or do anything else-simply hang, and see how long your hands can stay latched around the bar.

Tennis Ball Squeeze – The classic exercise involves taking hold of a tennis ball and squeezing it as hard as you can for ten reps, each time trying to crush it with a grip that lasts for a couple of breaths.

Squeeze as hard as you can, and then switch hands.

These six simple exercises to build a stronger grip should not be performed to excess-remember to listen to your body, and only do as much as feels comfortable. Pushing your hands too hard can result in pain, and that is never the ideal goal.

Improve your strength and athletic ability with an extreme workout. Challenge yourself with the P90X workout by Tony Horton, or get shredded with Shaun T’s infamous Insanity Workout. Both will push you beyond the limit!

Not only is it critical to build a stronger grip but as you can see that there are many exercises you can use to do it.

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B12 Vitamins and your body

I have recently started taking more B vitamins. As you probably know Vitamin B is important as an antioxidant as well as a great stress reliever.

Most “Stress Buster” pills are a combination of B and C vitamins.

This article by B. Smithers really gives us a good idea why we needVitamin B supplemented in our diet.

Why does your body need B12 and where can you find natural sources of B12?

A person needs two micrograms of Vitamin B12 every day for the following purposes:

Why Do We Need Vitamin B12

benefits of vitamin b12Red blood cells synthesis– Vitamin B12 is an important factor in red blood cell formation (particularly in the production of DNA).

Failure to meet the B12 requirement can result to anemia. However, folic acid can remedy this problem (although excessive intake of folic acid can trigger the effects of such deficiency).

Development and maintenance of the Nervous system– Myelin is an important component and protecting sheath of the nerves and Vitamin B12 helps in myelin maintenance through the sustenance of fatty acids.

Growth and development– Lack of Vitamin B12 can impede the development not only of the nerves but also the whole bodies systems.

Regulating Sleep Cycles– B12 is used in regulating the cycles and sleeping and waking up through a substance called melatonin so a B12 deficiency can possibly affect sleeping patterns.

Avoidance of Alzheimer’s dementia– the most damaging effects of B12 deficiency is damage to the brain and the nervous system.

Where to Get Vitamin B12

vitamin b12 sourcesVitamin B12 is primarily found in dairy products, meat and eggs. Here are some more foods that contain Vitamin B12 – Liver – Mollusks – Salmon, Tuna and Trout – Beef (the sirloin part) – Tacos and Cheeseburger – Yogurt

Research shows that there is a possibility of sourcing Vitamin B12 from plants, seaweeds and soya products.

However, a closer study showed that there is no significant B12 content from these sources.

Nori (the same green seaweed used in wrapping sushi) showed significant levels of B12 but it was attributed to compounds that are similar to B12 in terms of structure.

Incidentally, vegetarians lack the necessary daily Vitamin B12 requirement because they don’t eat meat products. Thus, they can meet their B12 requirement from supplements.

For more articles and information on Vitamin B12 go to

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Principles Of The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet has been taken up by millions of people, including several celebrities, who are seeking the loss or health benefits that following a raw food diet regime is said to bring.

Some people switch to raw permanently as a way of life, others go raw temporarily to lose or give their bodies a break while they fight disease.

Either way, if you are considering going raw yourself, you need to know something about the raw food diet.

Enzymes Present In Living Raw Food Diet Foods

Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

Foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit contain enzymes which are the life force of the food. The enzymes will die at high temperatures, like any living thing.

This is why raw food diet is often called living food. Advocates of the raw diet point out that before the use of fire for cooking, we would always have eaten raw foods and this is what our bodies are designed for. They consider that we need these enzymes to be truly healthy and help our bodies to heal.

While it is true that these enzymes are destroyed in the process of digestion, it may be that they can be absorbed in their living form in the mouth during chewing and in the upper stomach before they reach the digestive acids in the intestines.

In dried foods, the enzymes are often deactivated by growth inhibitors which puts foods such as seeds and grains into hibernation until conditions are wet enough for the plant to germinate or sprout.

For this reason, even if you plan to eat these foods without sprouting them, it is a good idea to soak all seeds, beans, grains etc before consuming them, to reactivate the enzymes.

Throw out the soaking water because this will contain the discarded growth inhibitors.

Is Cooked Food Poisonous?

Some advocates of the raw food diet talk as if cooked foods were poisonous. Although this is probably an exaggeration, research has shown that some toxins are produced in certain types of cooking.

how to buy raw food

For example, some oils and other fats will produce trans fats when heated above certain temperatures. Burned and even browned fatty food such as barbecued or fried meats has been shown to contain substances which are harmful to the body. And heating sugars together with proteins or fats (cakes, cookies, candy etc) is believed to produce glycotoxins.

There are also many unnatural substances and additives in most processed foods. So if you do eat cooked food, it is better to prepare plain and simple boiled, steamed and stewed dishes from fresh ingredients.

What If I Cannot Be 100% Raw?

More and more people are adopting the raw food diet as the only source of food these days but you do not necessarily have to buy into the 100% raw philosophy in order to benefit from eating more rawfood.

Just increasing the amount of rawfood in your diet can have an extraordinary effect on your health and wellbeing even if you still have some cooked food too.

So if you do not want to go all the way, consider replacing two meals a day with raw foods.

You could have a large fruit based smoothie with some leafy greens added for breakfast, and

a large green salad with avocado and sunflower seeds for lunch.

Or try grated carrot or celery root with pumpkin seeds. There are many delicious dishes you can make as part of your raw food diet.

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