Today marks the 10th day of the Insanity Workout for me. Last week I was so sore, there were days when I was moving like an old lady. Today the soreness is more specific, like the back of my right thigh, but my body is getting used to the activity. I like being in a place where my body feels more conditioned and everything is more fluid.

It’s helpful for me to have a plan of action as far as exercise goes. I wake up do a little work, and when Josh wakes up we exercise. The calendar tells me which workout to do, and I do it. When I have a plan, the excuses are smaller. I can get to a place mentally where I do it anyway. It’s staying there that is the challenge. The more times that I do this, get up and exercise, or start again with a routine, the easier it becomes. The alternative is becoming less and less appealing each day that I take the time to make what I want happen.


I hope you all had a delicious Thanksgiving last week. I wasn’t in the mood to post, but want to let you know that I often post my exercise on twitter and facebook, if you care to see what I’m doing there. I’m also tracking my food on I’m weighing in once a week and so far I’m close to 3 pounds loss from Friday when I weighed in. I’m looking forward to another loss on Friday.

This is so random, but do you go through outfit phases? I do. I will wear the hell out of an outfit that I love.  This is my new favorite outfit. I don’t know why, it’s just comfortable and comforting to me. The jacket was purchased at Maurices, late fall last year at a deep discount. The jeans are from walmart of all places and sandals are from Avenue. It happened to be really warm Saturday. I know that look on my face says “something smells”, but it was one of the better ones. I also want to use this outfit to track my progress, by taking a picture wearing it every month.

More randomness: here’s me and Josh on Sunday after a dinner/lunch thing and I wanted to post because I was wearing a new wrap dress that I’m pretty sure was not flattering at this stage of my life, but I wore it anyway and because Josh looks so darn cute.

And finally, the last random photo for this post. My favorite salad at the moment. Leafy greens (preferably arugula or spinach) with cranberries, goat cheese, almonds and ginger dressing.


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