You can cut down an enormous amount of calories over time if you just make some intelligent switches between the choices you have when you eat out. Here are some good suggestions and you won’t even notice the difference:

1. At Chipotle’s leave off the sour cream from your burrito and substitute the green tomatilla and red tomatilla salsas and the guacamole to save 120 calories

2. You can save 710 calories at the Olive Garden if you chose linguine al maranara instead of spaghetti and meatballs

3. At Wienerschnitzel’s substitute a Biscuit with Sausage Bacon sandwich for their Breakfast Burritto and save 260 calories!

4. Love pizza? At Pizza Hut, you will save 360 calories if you substitute a piece of Fit n’ Delicious pizza (with ham, red onions mushrooms) for a slice the Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s pizza

5. Also at Wienerschnitzel’s, swap out their All Beef Chili Cheese Dog for their Delux Dog and save 160 calories.

6. You can shave 250 calories off of your morning coffee at Starbucks by switching to a Grande Caffe Mocha (no whipped cream)instead of a Grande Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream for a to save 250 calories

7. At In-n-Out burgers, swap their Cheeseburger with Onion at 480 calories each with their Cheese Burger Protein Style at 330 calories. These really great meals substitute lettuce leaves for the buns and are not only healthier, but are great for diabetics and for saving calories

8. Half of a cup of chocolate soft-serve at Dairy Queen will save you 720 calories over a medium chocolate malt.

9. WOW! At Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shop, you can save a whopping 360 calories by choosing a 20-ounce Mocha Dutch Latte (530 calories) instead of a 20-ounce Coffee Dutch Shake (890 calories!!)!

10. If you like to eat a hearty breakfast at Denny’s, order their Buttermilk Pancakes instead of their Fabulous French Toast and save 850 calories.

So, it’s just a matter of paying attention to what you are ordering and ordering “smart” choices and you will save hundreds of calories over time.

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