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Fall Photos

On Monday we had a photographer come to our house to take our pictures. I can’t say that this totally fits our personalities, but we have family that would like a copy for Christmas. All told, it was a nice hour spent with my husband, and the kitties make their appearance as well. I feel like I should give a shout-out to June from Junebug Photography here in Floyd. She did an excellent job and made us feel relaxed.




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No Shame

This morning I went for a run and learned two things. 1) I will wear pretty much anything outside. Case in point:

2) It takes about 30 minutes for me to get over the “lead legs” feeling. I forced myself to walk up the giant hills three times. By then, I felt like I could keep going. Tomorrow I will stay out much longer.

It was incredibly chilly this morning and I debated wearing a hoodie for fear that I would get too hot. I’m so thankful I wore I it, it kept me warm and helped me stay that way without overheating. This outfit prompted me to purchase some new workout clothes.

Those shoes are a-mazing! They are the first pair of running shoes I’ve owned that prevent my toes from going numb. They are also incredibly comfortable. I purchased them at Shoe Carnival, but they are available here too.

Onward and upward!


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Mini Goals

Yesterday morning started off with a larabar followed by a spinach, banana and orange smoothie. Lots and lots of spinach. I’m determined to plow through these vegetables by Sunday.  The rest of the day was spent eating frozen foods like coconut shrimp. Not the best feeling food, but it did the job.

My other mini-goals this week are as follows:

- keep a food journal (not calorie journal)

- lose 2 pounds (totally doable)

- exercise at least 3 times

- eat lots of vegetables

- follow the hunger and full cues throughout the day

- write and then write some more. Writing helps me to move forward. I tend to get stuck in bad feelings and in problems. It’s easy for me to write out solutions or work through problems on paper rather than in my head.

I have several meetings today (four to be exact) so I’m making it a little goal to carry my notebook with me.

What are your mini-goals this week? It’s Wednesday and I think this week still has many opportunities to be successful.

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