As I have written before, one of the things I do for exercise is to play street hockey in the Summer.

Yesterday we had a long game with not many subs so I was running hard the whole time which is fantastic. One of the great things about playing a team sport is that instead of you pushing yourself you instead have your own team pushing you along and the other team pushing hard against you.

Great stuff, I love the change from working out and training indoors.

I sweat a lot whenever I workout in any way so to prepare I always drink a lot of water all morning before and after the games.

Our team won! Yay! And afterwards I had a great afternoon but last night wow my legs were sore. I was thinking that my running with my daughter lately would have helped me out but of course a game like street hockey is radically different with fast starts and lots of pivoting. This morning I feel great though.

What are you doing this weekend? I am doing a lot of running around and enjoying the sun of Summer but I see on the weather forecast that tomorrow and Monday will be rainy so I better make the most of today.

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