fat loss 4 Idiots Diet program is a supply line that was launched in 2005 when it was still called the weight loss 4 idiots. The program has had numerous following that it became one of the most popular food during this year. Some critics have questioned the safety program because it claims to help people lose 9 pounds every 11 days. If you do the math, you could lose almost 25 pounds in one month if you get with the program. Some people who have completed the program were satisfied with the outcome, but there are still people who are wary of risks from falling mass of weight in just a short period of time.
  So how safe is the fat loss 4 idiots Diet? It is important to have a clear understanding of this program before attempting to answer this question. The fat loss 4 Idiots Diet says you're overweight because you eat the wrong types of foods and the wrong type of calories at each meal. What makes it worse is that you eat the wrong reason. This simply means that when you eat the wrong food at intervals evil every day, you accumulate unwanted fat and have to live with excess pound. The program also provides that the body is an engine that requires only certain types of foods consumed at a given time interval. Eating the wrong type of food at the wrong time will cause the body to burn calories. And stored calories can turn to fat tissue, which makes you want. Thus, the secret is not eating foods low in fat or eat meals low in carbohydrates. The key is to have meals that have lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Emphasis is placed on eating only source of fat from whole foods such as eggs and cottage cheese.
  The fat loss 4 idiots diet program lets you eat 4 meals per day, which should be consumed within 2 and an interval of half hour. What's great about the program is that there is no need to count calories or carbohydrates consumed, but you must eat a little less to be full. This should continue for 11 days after which you can start your 3 days cheat. In this period, you can eat whatever you want. But you need to return to the meal plan after this period of 3 days. The meal includes only foods that can easily be purchased at the supermarket.
  The program operates in the belief that the metabolism only runs at maximum efficiency if it can not anticipate what the body will eat. When you have an eating pattern, metabolism does not work to its efficient level. This process is said to be the culprit why diet plateau and stop losing weight at a particular point. So is fat loss 4 Idiots diet healthy? Absolutely, because the program lets you simply change your meal cycle of 11 days. The menu generator it gives you a menu that is optimized for your diet while taking into account your food preferences. There is nothing dangerous about it.

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