Trying desperately to lose that excess fat? So May I suggest searching the web for Tom Venuto. You're probably wondering who this guy is. Well, Tom Venuto is a fitness expert who has become popular in his 340-page ebook entitled "burn the fat feed the muscle. It also has numerous articles for magazines bodybuilding and weight loss and is considered an expert in nutrition and bodybuilding.

The ebook has a step by step guide to lose weight without using drugs or any other supplement. One of the things I like about the guide is that it does not use it to recommend bodybuilding pills or weight loss.

I have read many other books of weight loss and many times, you will find recommendations to buy this pill weight loss or weight training equipment, etc. Tom Venuto makes no recommendations. It does not recommend that you take the diet pills and most exercises do not require you to have access to the gym.

Like many others I was skeptical at first because I had tried so many ways trying to lose excess fat for years. I have read several books on diet and exercise. I even bought several of the exercise equipment.

Ultimately, my body fat just continues to come back and the worst is that I even won several books. I tried several methods of power limiting your food preferences. Being a carnivore does not fit with my diet program. Exercise is even worse.

After my workout, I usually end up very hungry and eat more. burn the fat feed the muscle book will explain why this happens and why diets do not work. Book Tom to help me understand my body and how muscles and your metabolism are important for fat burning.

All this is explained in simple terms and it was easy to read. Tom presents a realistic and scientific way to lose weight. It does not guarantee you lose weight quickly, but his methods are well tested and proven.

The guide is very large about 340 pages and are not those of large font size either. It took me about a week to finish reading and begin to implement the exercise and nutrition routine.

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