Michael Jordan, even many years after retirement from a great pro basketball career still inspires us with a few quotes.

missed many shots

But realistically Michael Jordan made a lot of shots as well. He was in the NBA all star game 14 times, was on 6 championship teams, and was the league MVP 5 times coming in second another 3 times.

But, and this is amazing to me, Micheal Jordan was number 1 for missed field goals 7 times in his career. That is an amazing stat. This many years removed we can really see that the “greatest” Jordan, was mostly that becasue he refused to stop shooting.

It is really true. You have to take a lot of shots in your life. Some shots will go in and some will not but the more times you try the better your chances to make some too

michael Jordan

Michael Jordan On Making It Happen

What an amazing quote that this is. People can want and wish all day long, but you really have to get in the trenches, take the chances, to make it happen. What an inspiration this guy has been.

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