croissantbreakfast Sunburst Squash

Yesterday morning I had a toasted croissant, 1 serving of Noosa blueberry yoghurt (very very good!), with strawberries and blueberries. Me and Josh  picked up this same yogurt while shopping over the weekend and didn’t realize until we got home and  unpacked three containers. It’s incredible and tastes more like cream (in a good way) than that sort of fakey-sour gross taste that most yogurts have.

bigsalad Sunburst Squash

For lunch I had a big salad with dark leafy greens, cucumber, Dr. Praeger’s sweet potato patty, and an organic chicken and apple sausage.

BLbootcamp Sunburst Squash

I did the 30 minute Biggest Loser Bootcamp with Bob. I can’t tell you when I bought this, but it’s been awhile. I’ve been looking for a DVD that I can replace Insanity while my knee continues to heal. It’s still twingy. But, I noticed that the more I consistently keep up with movement and exercise the better it feels.

raisinbran Sunburst Squash

For second lunch, I had a small bowl of fresh market brand raisin bran. Josh made this bowl for me like he eats it, with blueberries and a little honey. I never knew blueberries could be so good in cereal!

bigsaladwithmushrooms Sunburst Squash

Dinner was another big salad with cucumbers, sauteed mushrooms + baby squash, creamy dressing and a wedge of panini bread. I really like the squash in sauces more than alone, they were just too bitter like this. I ended up eating around them in favor of the mushrooms.

greekyogurtpops Sunburst Squash

I had these Yasso frozen Greek yogurt pops later on in the evening. They are so good and big for 70 calories!

vegfriedrice Sunburst Squash

To finish the day ( I was still hungry) I had about 3/4 cup of the vegetable fried rice that I made for Josh for dinner.

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