The Bachelorette Dinner

A couple of weeks ago Josh went out with his friends leaving me home to live the life of a bachelorette. That’s what I like to call it at least. I felt the need to fix myself a really nice solo-dinner and it kinda made me laugh because it’s more of a man meal. Josh is more into ethnic foods with rice, and while I love those things, I really love a good steak too.

My idea of a good steak is a ribbye, which can be a little on the expensive side at about $6.50 a steak, but oh, it’s worth it. And way cheaper than a steakhouse.

I always use Alton’s cooking methods for the ribbye in my cast iron skillet. This is by far the most tender, flavorful steak I’ve ever had.

Serve with sweet potato fries, mixed greens salad with home made creamy garlic dressing, and a glass of wine. Perfection!

What is your favorite home-cooked indulgent meal?

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