hey ive been wondering. . . ive read that you should treat your post HIIT meal the same as after lifting. so my question is does that mean you should get high GI carbs asap after HIIT like when after lifting? it doesnt logically make sense to me to eat high GI carbs just after HIIT, where you are trying to burn lots of fat.
currently i am 5-7 and 138lbs, skinny arms and not much muscle. i want to build as much muscle as possible, but also shed the fat thats already currently on me, mainly my abs. and since i dont have much muscle to begin with, im worried that HIIT will eat away at my muscles if i dont feed them sufficiently after, but also worried that if i do start an insulin spike after, that it will hinder the fat burning. any insight on this?
replies much appreciated.

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