Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Stop Panic Attacks

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a method that you can use on yourself to aid you through a panic attack. A panic attack can come on without any signs to indicate to a person that they are about to experience an attack of this nature. These kinds of attacks can cause a person’s heart to beat very hard and at times the person can feel almost like they are suffocating possibly even dying.

Thankfully, there are some ways that a person can find self-help for panic attacks so they can learn to control these types of attacks in a much better manner.

Self Help For Panic Attacks

Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Stop Panic Attacks

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you suffer from constant panic attacks you should try to learn deep breathing techniques. In most cases when a person has a panic attack they start breathing rapidly, heavily and fast. This is not a good thing because it causes the heart to elevate. This type of breathing also causes a person’s muscles to tighten and can even make the person feel lightheaded. It simply can make a person feel like they are dying.

If you are experiencing these attacks you have to learn how to control your breathing by taking slow, deep breathes and to focus on just that, your breathing. This is a very important task that must be done if you want to control your panic attacks.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you suffer from panic attacks you should also learn how to use Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). You can learn this by realizing when your muscles are getting tensed up, which can be a warning sign that a panic attack is going to occur. Once you start to notice the signs that you are becoming completely stressed and your muscles are becoming extremely tensed up, then you must learn how to decrease the tension.

There are many self-help books that you can find online or in your local library that can also help you understand PMR better. You can also find help with this on many places online, as well.

There are a lot of different self-help for panic attacks methods that you can learn how to control your panic attacks. All it takes is a little bit of your time and patience to learn how you can effectively handle your attacks all by yourself without having to take medication.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Stop Panic Attacks

Don’t feel that you have to continue living a life full of panic attacks because you don’t. It is time for you to step up and take control of your life and use these self-help methods to take charge and be free of panic attacks. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is one of a few ways that you can help yourself so take advantage.

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Visalus – Body by Vi

Visalus has become a very popular meal replacement program that is also marketed as a lifestyle choice. Very popular is an understatement with people becoming passionate about the product and the sellers of the product bringing in lots of celebrity sponsors to help promote.

So what is Visalus exactly?

Visalus   Body by ViVisalus at it’s core is a powder that is used as a meal replacement that is used to replace your breakfast and lunch or on maintenance just one meal. There are several different plans depending on your goals including a Visalus Balance Kit, Visalus Shape Kit, Visalus Core Kit, Visalus Transformation Kit, and Visalus Fit Kit.

All of these kits have the core 2 lbs bags of the shake mix and flavorings but as you go up in price and program you get more bags of the mix plus more vitamins, minerals, and even energy drinks.

I want to just focus on the Visalus Shape Kit as this was the one that my wife has tried out.

Visalus Shape Kit info

Visalus   Body by Vi

Visalus Shape Kit

Here is where the real info starts. My wife heard about the Visalus program a few times and finally took the plunge buying the Shape kit which is basically two 2 pound bags of the shake mix along with some flavoring packets. This package costs $99 for about a months supply of breakfast and lunch replacement (actually it last longer than a month which is kinda nice) so the cost per serving is about $1.50 each.

The drink itself tasted pretty good, I tried sips of my wifes drinks a couple of times and yes it does taste good depending on what you add to it. The flavoring at the core of the shakes is just vanilla and you mix it with milk or almond milk as well as whatever you would want (everything you add is a calorie though, remember). There is a great support system that gives lots of people lots of ideas as well.

The Protein to Carbohydrate to Fat mix is high on the protein side which I personally like at a ratio of 12-9-2.5 grams per serving and since you will be likely adding fruit to it you will have a higher amount of carbs as fruit is mostly water and carbs.

Visalus 90 Day Challenge

To be really clear this Visalus system is not just about the shake, there is a 90 Day Challenge where you take a before picture, an after picture, and chart your weight loss and body size changes and your goal is to make great changes in 90 days. I really love this as everyone may want to lose weight but they really don’t have any clear goals or timelines  90 days is a nice long enough time to change your habits and life and see results with any changes that you make.

The company tends to be a bit heavy handed with this and I can imagine that since people lose and change at different rates that it can be very discouraging if you are not losing weight as quickly as other people are, again the weight loss industry is full of the “look at me, I won” kind of mentality that a lot of people will just cringe at.

Along the same lines as this there is a few support forums where people will help each other out and share their favorite shake recipes (My wife was addicted to finding new ones all the time) and that support system really helps anyone that gets involved and interacts.

The Dark Side of Visalus

Nutritionally Visalus is always pushing the fact that the nutrition in their drinks is ridiculously high in nutrients but really the a couple of great posts seem to tell us a different story. Sheleana at Young and Raw who I really like does not like the obviously processed and not natural part of this product. On the nutritional side Graeme from Graeme Thomas Online did not at all like the nutrients in comparison even to cheap multivitamins.

Anyone that has seen or been involved with Amway or any other multilevel marketing system will recognize the business side of Visalus. I am not a bit fan of multilevel marketing but it is highly ingrained as part of the Visalus system. As a user of the product you can opt into being a promoter and the more that you sell and the more product that people you recruit sell the more money you make. The rewards can be very very high and because of this you will always find people that are really aggressive in promoting and selling the dram of the product sales.

This is just a marketing system where the money that would go into marketing the product on TV or other media is replaced by putting that money into the hands of the distributors. Trouble is this always comes across to me as greedy and opportunistic even if this is not the way the person selling the product to you is really like.

One other problem that we have found with Visalus is that if you do not make it very very clear that you want to cancel you will be charged every month and get a new months stock sent to you. We accidently didn’t cancel and after trying and trying the company finally found room on our credit card and charged and shipped another months supply, guess it is our own fault but it had been a few months since my wife had tried the product the first time. She doesn’t mind doing another month though anyway.

Should You Try Visalus?

I am not sure if this is the product for everyone but there are a few things that I really like about this product.

First the idea of serving sizes is foreign to almost everyone, we all end to eat too much per meal unless we are careful. The other great thing about this product is the fact that it seems to be filling, tastes good, and will boost your energy and cut sugar cravings, at least that is what my wife found.

On the bad side is that nutrition. I have found at least a couple of reports that show the nutrition may not be all that great but please don’t look for yourself as Google seems to be ranking only the pro-visalus side in the rankings lately and it took me pages of results before I could find not biased info.

So balance this as you would like. I think if you are looking to jump start a weight loss plan then this may be a great start but in the end I always like to make sure that people are eating as many whole foods as they can to stay in shape or get in shape and more importantly stay healthy.

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How To Lose Weight With MMA Training

The thought of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for most people brings to mind two men locked in a cage, trying to knock each other out or making the other person submit through painful joint lock or choke. However, MMA is much more than that. For example, it is a great way to lose weight and get fit. Joe Riggs, a former Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) fighter, started MMA training weighing almost 300 pounds. He made a name for himself in the UFC fighting at 170 pounds. He lost all of that weight through MMA training.

MMA Training

There are three main martial arts involved in MMA:
1. Muay Thai kickboxing
2. Wrestling
3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

MMA schools typically offer courses in the individual disciplines with a combined MMA class for those who are more serious and considering actually engaging in an actual MMA fight. Because of the skill level and physical conditioning required to fight MMA, most schools will not let people train Mixed Martial Arts until they have achieved a proven ability in at least one of these three arts.


The workout for any of these arts is intense. Students can expect a warm-up that includes a series of body-weight exercises, some with a partner and some without, that prepare the body for what it is about to face. After the warm-up comes a technique portion where the instructor teaches a skill followed by the students practicing, or drilling, the technique until they have it down. The technique portion of the class is followed by live drilling that allows the student to practice that technique against a fully resisting partner. Students who wish to focus only on the technique and not engage in the live drilling can elect to do that instead.

Improved Fitness

Lose Weight With MMA Training

Lose Weight With MMA Training

People who train MMA notice an improved level of conditioning pretty quickly. They are learning not only how to move their own bodies in ways that they never have before but they are learning to physically manipulate other people as well. These classes leave the individual exhausted, exhilarated and ready to come back for more. MMA students will lose weight and stay fit regardless of whether they actually decide to engage in an MMA fight or not. For those interested in fighting, understand that good MMA trainers will not let their students fight until they are capable of defending themselves in the cage.

Robbin Grey is a freelance writer who loves writing about MMA and other various martial art styles. Robbin is currently writing for the MMA Zone where she specializes in combining MMA training with health and fitness.

How To Lose Weight With MMA Training, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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