Where is Your Head At?

I have had a cold or allergies or something the last few days which kind of kicked me for a couple days this weekend but today I was back at the gym and hitting it hard. Eating has been really good and I have kept the motivation that I need to continue successfully on my 30 day fitness challenge.

How about you. Where is your head at?

If you are doing this 30 day fitness challenge along with me, or even if you are not this is a tough week for many people. The first week getting in shape is great. Lots of changes, moving forward with eating and exercise, and finally feeling like you are doing something great for yourself.

You do feel great about yourself now I hope?

Remember you need to keep yourself first. You can’t help others if you are not strong yourself.

Anyway, this is week 2 and your motivation may wane at some time this week. If you are a mere mortal like the rest of us then you know that the excitement that you have when you start something can’t continue forever and since it is hard for you to see tangible results you have to work hard to find something to keep yourself going.

Your goal this week is to make sure that you at least keep your exercise up and improve your eating. There are always things that you can do to improve your eating – And don’t eat after dinner, that will help you sleep better and not crave as much food in the morning.

Celebrate every single success that you have this week and remember everything that has made you stronger over the last week and over this week.

I find that most people are always meek about their accomplishments and if you stop that you will see that you are achieving a lot right now and I want to make sure you are excited about what you have done so far.

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