Extra Eating Tips anyone?

As part of my 30 day fitness challenge I am looking at every part of my exercise and diet. Of course there are tons of things to look at and so far I have been making sure I get lots of exercise (are you?).

Anyway the other half, or actually most people say the biggest influence to a huge transformation is how and when you were eating, what you are eating, and how much you are eating.

So today I want to just end you to a couple of articles that will hopefully help with portion control and eating control:

Portion Control Tips – Here are a list of portion control tips. I find that even if we eat good food the trouble can be that we are eating too much. Did you know that your body just can’t use all the protein in a 8 ounce steak? you really should just have 4 ounces of meat in a meal. But there are a lot of other great portion control tips in the article.

10 Appetite Control Tips – Here are more tips for eating but this time these tips are for all of your eating. Some great tips  and strategies that you can implement right away and will make a big difference for you.

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How hard to push when starting exercise

I always worry about how people get started or restarted doing exercise. The trouble is that we are all excited to get started and run or workout and feel tired but the next day for a week wake up in excrutiating pain and do not want to ever go through that again.

I know this because I have done that too.

I find that for the first week or two that you start or restart serious exercise it is best to ramp yourself up. We all want to be instantly fit but you have to  work up to it or you will never get there without giving up because of muscle soreness (Biggest Loser never shows this). I was thinking about this yesterday in the gym and how it is nice to push as hard as I can to make gains knowing that I will be in fantastic shape in a month but also knowing that day to day for the first week I will be making gains mostly in building mental toughness and improving my agility, balance, and joint strength.

Don’t get me wrong, I am working hard but my weight workouts are to failure with fewer sets so I am still a bit sore but not enough to slow me down at all. Excitement is great but overexertion will really hurt and if you pull something or get joint or back pain it can really set you back.

So if you are starting out, or are sore today remember that the pain goes away and you should not be sore day to day after the initial bit of pain. Get through it or just work your way up.

If you do get sore there are a few things you can do to get rid of that muscle soreness.

A warm bath is always nice. You can use a  heating pad alternating with ice on your muscles. Also I have taken aspirin in the past to just dull the pain, and finally stretching, stretch those muscles lots whether sore or not to get rid of the lactic acid buildup and to help your flexability.

Constistency is key. make sure you are getting some kind of exercise everyday even light walking or biking and if you are doing weight workouts make sure you are giving a day in between. I try to get at least two to three hard cardio workouts a week and two to four weight workouts a week as well.

Here is an article I wrote on starting Weightlifting http://www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/getting-started-weight-training.html

And here is another on starting exercise itself http://www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/building-up-in-cardio.html

I want to dive into more detail but sometimes that more you know the more confusing these things can be. Just get out and get some exercise, ok?

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Article source: http://www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/how-hard-to-push-when-starting-exercise.html

Day 2 and Go to food and exercise

Well I seem to have somewhat snapped and made this blog about me as much as you…maybe even more me. But today is day 2 of my 30 day fitness challenge and I want to keep you up to speed so that you can glean some of the things I am doing and hopefully they will help you too.

What did I do?

First of all yesterday I ate quite well except for an ice cream cone. Smoothy for breakfast, left over chicken and asparagus for lunch, and chicken and a veggie stir fry for dinner. And lots of fruit and water throughout the day.

And for exercise a long bike ride to just chill and get myself ready for the week this week.

Today I am back to Oatmeal for breakfast (steel cut oats just take too long) and I had some home made pizza for lunch before a killer chest, shoulders, triceps workout. I am feeling pretty good and am really tuned in to everything to make sure I don’t slip at all. I hope you didn’t notice but I never made any goals for these 30 days even though I will ramble on and on about how important they are. I think my motivation is really strong since a few thousand people arrive here at the blog every day to keep me in check.

Go to Foods and Exercise

One thing I was thinking about today was riding and oatmeal, and yogurt. I always have my go to foods of oatmeal, protein powder, and a fridge full of fruit so I never have an excuse not to eat well. I hate yogurt but most people really like it and it is a super easy and fast meal replacement if you add some fruit, try the Greek yogurt since it is higher protein and stay away from the yogurt high in sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

For exercise I always fall back on riding or weight lifting. I know there are a lot of types of exercise out there and some people may have another goto exercise like tennis or swimming but a couple is good enough.

I know that everyone runs into eating and exercise problems and when you get lazy or tired or just busy you don’t want to have to think about it you really just want to have go to foods and exercises that you can fall back on.

If I get stressed out I tell my bike I am going for a bike ride. If I am stressed out at work I go down to the gym and have a weight workout.

Same with food. There is no thinking in the morning for me, I don’t go to a coffee place so I know that it is Oatmeal and tea that I make and I do not get strayed off to bad eating decisions.

So try to think about these things. What can you rely on and what do you always have to fall back on?

Day 2 and Go to food and exercise, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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